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We founded in 1993, Shijiazhuang City Horizon Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is now a speciality chemical group dedicated to building chemical additives and daily surfactant chemicals.

Haisen Chemical will adhere to the attitude of treat people sincerely and concentrate on work in EO, PO, amines, Fluorine-Carbon, Florine-Silicon, Functional Film business line, do an in-depth research and development, innocation manufacturing and becomes the chemical industry leader.
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We focus on the construction and green chemical and insistent on the research and development.
Rich Experience
Haisen Chemical have more than 25 years experience special in  business of surfactants, Construct chemicals and fluorochemical.
Special Support
Special support from the bank financial projects and Government for the development of High Tech Enterprise.
Strict Standards
Production under DCS control system and apply to strictly inspection standard conform to the ISO9001-2008 standard.
Specialized in Fluorocarbon, Fluorosilicone,EO,
PO and amines areas,  in-depth research and development, innovation manufacturing
Other name: Methyl allyl alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, Polycarboxylate superplasticizer monomer Molecular weight: HPEG-2200,HPEG-2400,HPEG-2600,HPEG-2800 and others HPEG structure formula: CH2=CH(CH3) (OCH2CH2)nOH
Other name: FN6810,Non-ionic Fluorosurfactant,Fluoride Non-ionic Surfactant, Fluorinated Surfactants, Fluoride Surfactant, Fluorinated Polyether ethoxylated, Firefighting Foam Surfactants Structural Formula: Rf(CF2CF2)m(CH2CH2O)nH
Product name: AEO; Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether Other names: Primary Alcobol Ethoxylate Formula: C12H25O.(C2H4O)n
1. High water reduction: The water reduction rate of concrete is above 25%-38% 2. High slump retention ability: delay time of transporting concrete and time of detention at construction site 3. Environmental friendly products: No pollution during production
Other Name: HSHPC 99%, Flake Solid Polycarboxlate superplasticzer Package: 25kg per PP bag with PE liner Shelf Time: one year


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  • Feb
    The Application of Triethanolamine & Triisopropanolamine in Slag cement

    Slag cement has the advantages of low heat of hydration, high strength in the late stage, inhibition of alkali aggregate reaction and sulfate resistance. It has been applied in a large number of projects. In the produce process of slag cement, the slag is not easily grind than the clinker, If grinding two materil together can not reach their optimum active particle size, and separate grinding will cause a lot of energy consumption, so the grinding process used Grinding aids to reduce grinding energy consumption and improve cement performance.

  • Feb
    Company Holiday Notice

    Our Spring Festival is approaching! Combined with the specific situation of Horizon Chemical specific arrangements for the Spring Festival Holiday period as follows; Chinese New year holiday time: From Feb 13th to Feb 20th. February 21 to resume normal work.Happy Spring Festival in advance!

  • Feb
    What is Grinding Aid

    GRINDING AIDS to improve performance and promote cost efficiency of cement manufacture. Used as per permitted by local Cement Standards between 0.01% and 0.30%.Formulated chemical products.Usually in liquid form.Usually added to the mill fresh feed (clinker conveyor belt) or directly inside the mill

  • Feb
    Fluorine-containing anti-fogging , Anti-dripping agents, main used to enhance the anti-fogging ,anti-dripping agricultural film.

    1. Super-hydrophilic anti-fog properties: When the film coating the product, the coating is super-hydrophilic (ie, super-surface energy), any temperature water mist (and even steam), fog beads, Membrane contact will immediately infiltrate and spread into a transparent water film; 2. . High anti-drip performance: Due to its super hydrophilicity, the water film moves rapidly and can not aggregate into droplets.


Haisen enterprise slogan: The green chemistry

Enterprise vision: Innovation, creation, let 
green chemistry enter into our lives.





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