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The situation of Cement grinding aid raw material

Views: 6     Author: Sam Lee     Publish Time: 2018-03-28      Origin: Site


At present, most of the grinding aids at home and abroad are emulsified and compounded by several or even dozens of kinds of raw materials, and they are produced by a variety of physical and chemical reaction surfaces. Commonly used by the activated carbon, triethanolamine, ethylene glycol, desugared calcium lignosulfonate, tricalcium phosphate, amine acetate and so on. The specific composition, blending amount, specific surface area increase rate, and output increase.

As the main raw materials for the production of cement grinding aids are mostly alcohol amine(Triisopropanolamine,Diethanolisopropanolamine 85%,Triethanolamine 85%), recently, due to the impact of international crude oil prices, the price of alcohol amines has also been rising all the way, and there has been a situation where demand exceeds supply. The manufacturers have to increase sales prices, causing some cement manufacturers to accept. In response to this situation in the market, a grinding aid production company in China has changed its thinking, researched and discussed programs, has gathered talented people, and invested heavily to strive to produce a cement grinding tool that is free from dependence on alcohol amines and high quality and low price. Agent. It is reported that this company has made unremitting efforts to find an organic substance that can replace alcohol amines in the waste oil and waste liquid from oil plants. This raw material is cheap and inexpensive. After optimization of layers and fractionation and extraction of organic compounds, it has been proved through extensive tests that it is indeed the ideal main raw material for the production of cement grinding aids. In addition: When the cement manufacturer chooses grinding aids, it should first ensure that the grinding aids used do not pollute the environment and do not endanger the health of the employees. Secondly, in addition to the production test, in accordance with the national standard steel corrosion rapid test method, the reinforced concrete surface reinforced film made of cement added with solid grinding aid is tested, whether it is rusted steel, and the cement is concerned. Strength after 28 days. Therefore, purifying the cement grinding aid market, paying attention to the health and quality of cement users, is the right of every cement grinding aid manufacturer.

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