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AEO9 application field

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1. It is the ideal raw material for liquid detergent. Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether is widely used to produce sodium fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (AES). The physical properties of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether make it not conducive to the preparation of laundry detergent, but it is an ideal material for liquid detergents. It has better descaling ability than sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate for all kinds of fibers, especially suitable for washing the oil and dirt excreted by human body from synthetic fiber fabric. In a foreign country. The main use of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether is as synthetic detergent. The domestic brand is Pingjia series products, used for compounding liquid detergent, as the active component of liquid detergent

2, mainly in the printing and dyeing industry as levelling agent, stripping agent,

3, in wool spinning industry as raw wool cleaning agent, used for wool cleaning agent, wool spinning industry degreaser, fabric cleaning agent

4, chemical fiber industry for spinning oil agent. It can be used as the component of spinning oil for polyester and other synthetic fibers.

5, in the textile industry is widely used as all kinds of dye levelling agent, reduction dye stripping agent, wool retarding agent, shrinking agent, degreaser. The general dosage is 0.2 ~ 1/L.

6, general industrial used as emulsifier. Used as emulsifier in latex industry and petroleum drilling fluid. This product has unique emulsifying properties for stearic acid, paraffin, mineral oil and other materials, and is the emulsifier component of polymer emulsion polymerization. It can be used as emulsifier of glass fiber lubricating oil drawing agent. Used as an emulsifier in cosmetics and ointments. Used as emulsifier for emulsion, cream, shampoo and cosmetics. It is a hydrophilic emulsifier, which can enhance the solubility of some substances in water. It can be used as an emulsifier for making O/W emulsion.

7. Antistatic agent. This product can remove the dye dispersed on the fabric of the dirt, improve the ability of sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate synthetic detergent decontamination, reduce the antistatic effect of fabric.

8, chemical cleaning is mainly used as a wetting agent when degreasing. Lipid composition is almost insoluble with water in acid solution, even in alkali solution is quite difficult to dissolve. In order to speed up emulsification and strengthen contact with alkali solution, non-ionic surfactants such as fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether can be used as wetting agents during alkali washing.

9, used as a non-ionic surfactant. In order to speed up the immersion of cleaning solution in hard dense scale, surfactants can also be used in pickling.

10, can be used as a component of some compound corrosion inhibitor and play a synergistic role.

11, used for emulsification, wetting, help dyeing, diffusion, washing, decontamination, clean washing and so on. Excellent biodegradability and low temperature performance, not affected by water hardness, more suitable for washing synthetic fiber, can be used for powder formula, but also suitable for liquid detergent formula. In recent years, the development is very rapid, has partially replaced sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, as an important raw material of household detergent

12, used as a cleaning agent in the process of metal processing

13, AEO-9 has decontamination, degreasing and shrinkage, wetting and other properties. Synthetic fiber, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking process can be used as a combination of cleaning agents.

14, the main water-soluble excellent, can be used to manufacture oil-in-water emulsion.

15, improve the effectiveness of paint thickener and improve the rinsing of solvent based system.

16, used for neutral deinking of waste paper

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