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ASA Film advantage be used in ASA & PVC sheet

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ASA Film advantage  be used in ASA & PVC sheet 

ASA&PVC Sheet strongly advocates the promotion and promotion of a new generation of light and environmentally-friendly building materials. The products are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and recyclable. Their unique performance advantages have won the general attention and recognition of the building industry, and the product market is very broad. The new building materials developed by using high-tech chemical and chemical technology have various excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, waterproof and moisture proof, anti-corrosion and flame retardant, sound insulation and the like, and are generally applicable to the development zone, the farmer's market, the shopping mall. , residential quarters, new rural construction residents high-end villas, awnings, awnings, antique buildings, etc.

Scope of application: It is applicable to new slope roofs of various structures such as concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure, brick-wood mixed structure, and old building flat slope engineering.

1, super weather resistant synthetic resin tile generally produces excellent high weathering engineering resin, such as ASA, PPMA, pmma, etc. These materials are highly weather-resistant materials, making them exceptionally weather-resistant in the natural environment. Sexuality, which is long-term exposure to UV, moisture, heat, cold and impact, still maintains the stability of color and physical properties.

2, excellent corrosion resistance, high weather resistance resin and main resin have very good corrosion resistance, will not be deteriorated by rain and snow, and can degrade the chemical substances of long-term hell acid, alkali, salt, etc. Suitable for coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and severe air pollution areas

3, excellent load resistance Synthetic resin tile has good load resistance.

4, anti-impact and low temperature resistance, synthetic resin tile has good resistance to low temperature, 1 kg heavy steel hammer 1.5 m high free fall on the tile surface does not produce cracks, after 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no empty drum, foaming , peeling, cracking phenomenon.

5, self-cleaning Synthetic resin tile surface is dense and smooth, not easy to absorb dust, with a "leaf effect". The rain washes clean and fresh, and there is no plaque that is washed away by rain after the scale is formed.

6, easy to install Generally, this product has the following characteristics: large tile area, high paving efficiency, light weight, easy to hang, complete supporting tools, simple process

7, green and environmentally friendly Synthetic resin tile has passed the certification of China's environmental labeling products, and can be completely recycled and reused when the product ends. Kunming resin tile manufacturer, Kunming resin tile price,

8. The fire rating reaches B1. It meets the national fire protection requirements for roofing materials and meets the flame retardant standard, effectively delaying the spread of fire. Yiming synthetic resin tile testing: 1. Artificial aging test report (manual aging 10,000 hours is equivalent to more than 20 years of actual use) 2. Low temperature drop hammer impact (0 ° C, 1 h) test report (one kilogram of steel ball from 1 meter) The height of the free fall on the tile surface does not produce cracks, and the low temperature drop ball impacts the product 10 times without damage. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no empty drum, blistering, peeling, cracking, etc.) Standard synthetic resin tile itself It has very good load-resistance performance. It has been tested by the National Building Materials and Component Quality Supervision Station. It has no damage under the condition of 750mm support interval and uniform loading of 150KG. Inferior synthetic resin tile workers will break when they are working on the tile.

Fireproof building materials testing report (fireproof specification for building interior decoration design A2.6 plastic burning performance determination B1 or above) The standard synthetic resin tile can resist the corrosion of various chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. It is chemically soaked in salt, alkali and 60% of various acids for 24 hours without chemical action. Inferior synthetic resin tile layers use their pigments to produce chemical reactions and even fading.

SHIJIAZHUANG  CITY  HORIZON CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is Chinese professional manufacturer for ASA film ,Which could effective composite with PVC sheet in process .The ASA film could effective reduce ASA & PVC sheet ASA coating cost ,increase Sheet appearance evenness and more beautiful,could effective reduce PVC sheet company powder cost,reduce enviroment pollution.It is good choice for ASA & PVC Film.


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