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About the performance of cement grinding aids

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About the performance of cement grinding aids

The so-called cement grinding aid is an admixture that aids in grinding in the cement grinding process to improve cement grinding and improve production efficiency without compromising cement performance. In order to improve the water resistance of the cement series, improve the early strength and the processability of the cement, the powder mixture of mineral oil, animal oil and petroleum cracking residue is tested and used, and combined with hydrochloric acid or calcium chloride, lime or calcium-containing substance. Minerals with inert and adsorptive properties are used as carriers. These admixtures greatly improve the water resistance and processability of the cement series.

The cement industry is a high-energy industry that uses up to 60% of the total energy used in grinding, and the energy that can actually be used to increase the new surface of a material is only a small fraction. In order to change this situation, many cement plants have adopted the simple and effective method of adding grinding aids. The use of grinding aids improves the fluidity of the material in the mill and increases the grinding efficiency, which reduces energy consumption. There are many types of grinding aids used in cement plants across the country. The main components of each product are many and varied, and the effects are also uneven. After adding the grinding aid, the main effects on the grinding system are as follows: 1 After the grinding aid is used, the residence time of the material in the grinding machine is reduced, so the ratio of the grinding body to the material must be changed. The grinding body in the roughing bin can be reduced, and in the subsequent fine grinding bins, the steel balls should be appropriately added to match the current grinding conditions. 2 The grinding effect is related to the size of the grinding body and the grinding speed. Some grinding aids need to be fully utilized at relatively slow speeds. 3 Grinding aids increase the amount of dust and increase the amount of dust by 50% to 80%. So it will have some impact on the dust collector. For example, the grinding aid can increase the specific resistance of the powder, which can generally increase from 103 to 1011 Ω.cm, which will increase the difficulty of dust separation in the dust collector, and can be solved by spraying water inside the grinding machine. At the same time, the grinding aid will also raise the temperature inside the electric precipitator and even cause frequent discharge. This condition can be treated by spraying water and reducing the gas flow rate. However, there is no adverse effect on the operation of the dust collector. Generally, the dust concentration of the dust collector is only slightly increased. 4 When using grinding aids, the operating temperature of the system should be emphasized due to differences in variety and type. For example, some grinding aids are more volatile. If the grinding temperature is too high, the effect of the grinding aid can not be fully exerted. Pay attention to this problem. 5 In the closed circuit mill system, the addition of grinding aid can improve the efficiency of the classifier and reduce the cyclic load.

The advantages of cement grinding aids are: (1) Improve the technical level of the cement industry. The use of cement grinding aids can improve cement production, improve cement quality, reduce production costs and improve product quality without increasing fixed assets, changing production processes, and is the only way for sustainable development of cement industry. (2) Transforming the cement industry from pollution to environmental protection. The use of admixture compounding technology can greatly improve the utilization of fly ash, slag and other waste. The activated filler can replace 60%~80% of cement clinker, which makes cement clinker almost become an additive, thus saving a lot of cement clinker, and its environmental benefits are very considerable. (3) Realize the organic unity of cement production and use. Cement is only one of the six major components of concrete for concrete and is a semi-finished product. China's cement production and use have been relatively separated for a long time. It can be said that cement production only meets cement standards regardless of the performance requirements of concrete. The key to achieving a unified cement production and use is admixture technology. By providing special cement, activated cement and activated admixture to the concrete by cement admixture technology, the grinding aid and water reducing effect of the surfactant can be fully exerted. (4) Improve the grading and shape of cement particles. Under the condition that the condition of the mill does not change, 5) energy saving and consumption reduction can be improved. Under the condition of maintaining the output of the original mill unchanged or increasing the output slightly, the specific surface area of the cement grinding particles is increased, the residual value of the sieve is reduced, the strength of the cement is improved, the dispersibility of the material in the mill is improved, and the electrostatic adsorption of the fine particles of the cement is effectively eliminated. Ball paste grinding phenomenon, reducing the phenomenon of low grinding efficiency caused by material liner; optimizing operating parameters to achieve high quality, high yield and low consumption.

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