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Advantages of Triisopropanolamine

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-10      Origin: Site Inquire

Triisopropanolamine  is an anhydrous white solid, mainly used in the synthesis of intermediates, as a chain extender on PU and as a neutralizer or emulsifier on daily chemicals. Triisopropanolamine is mainly used in cement admixtures. One is to improve ball milling efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The other is to increase cement strength to increase the amount of mixed materials such as slag and fly ash.

Compared with the triethanolamine used earlier, triisopropanolamine has strong dispersing properties due to its steric molecular structure, and its later strength is better than triethanolamine.

1. Better dispersibility.When used in cement grinding aids, the basic principle is that the dispersibility of the two as surfactants is due to the alkane chain of TIPA and the hydroxyl group. Structure of the three-dimensional structure, so that the dispersibility of TIPA is better than TEA. As dispersibility is an important indicator of cement, in practical applications, TIPA is better than TEA. And the fluidity improvement of cement is also better than TEA.


2. Early strengthening performance.Both are early strength agents. But TEA reverses the early setting properties of cement to achieve the early strength effect, while TIPA achieves the early strength effect by promoting early setting properties. Specifically, TEA promotes the early hydration of aluminates, delays the hydration of silicates, improves early strength, but shortens the setting time . TIPA promotes the water of ferrites that are difficult to hydrate. The hydration and dispersibility can increase the degree of hydration of cement minerals, thereby increasing the early strength.


3. Late-stage enhancement performance.TEA mainly promotes early strength, and TIPA greatly improves the late-stage strength of cement by promoting the hydration of refractory minerals and improving the dispersibility of cement. Foreign tests have shown that The intensity can be increased by more than 3 MPa, or even 5-12 MPa.


4. Stable application performance. The application of TEA has a significant limitation on its blending amount. When the blending amount exceeds 0.1% and the amount is exceeded, flashing phenomenon sometimes occurs, affecting the setting characteristics of cement blending of TIPA .The amount ranges from 0.001% to 0.2%, and the enhancement effect will gradually increase with the increase of the amount.

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