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Antistatic agent can eliminate static electricity in insulator very well

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In the middle of the 20th century, with the rapid development of industrial production and the rapid promotion and application of polymer materials, on the one hand, 

some high resistivity polymer materials such as plastic, rubber and other products are widely used and the high-speed modern production process, so that electrostatic can accumulate to a high degree, on the other hand, the production and use of electrostatic sensitive materials, Electrostatic hazard is caused by electrostatic force and electrostatic spark. Serious electrostatic discharge in electrostatic hazard causes fire and explosion of combustiors. Appropriately increasing the humidity of the working environment, so that the charge is released at any time, can also effectively eliminate static electricity. It is not easy to do electrostatic tests in wet weather, that is why. Antistatic agent can eliminate static electricity inside the insulator very well.

The best selection and amount of antistatic agent depends on the nature of the polymer, the processing method, the processing conditions, the type and amount of other additives, the relative humidity and the use of the polymer. The time required to obtain sufficient antistatic action is different, and the generation rate and duration of antistatic protection can be increased by increasing the concentration of the antistatic agent.

The new self-emulsifying defoamer contains specially modified polysiloxane. It has good heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical stability, and can be widely used in a wide temperature range for foam elimination and suppression of various bad systems.

Recently, the research of defoamer mainly focuses on the combination of silicone compounds and surfactants, polyether and silicone, and the combination of water-soluble or oil-soluble polyether and silicon-containing polyether. At present, the performance of polyether and silicone defoamer is very good, and the modification of these two kinds of defoamer and the development of new varieties are also active.

So how do we choose defoamer? First of all, it is necessary to determine the system that needs to use defoamer, whether it is a water-based system or an oil-based system. If the fermentation industry, it is necessary to use oil-based defoamer, such as polyether modified silicon or polyether. Water-based coating industry must use water-based defoamer, silicone defoamer. Select the defoamer, compare the amount of addition, and then refer to the price, we can get the suitable and economical defoamer products.

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