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Application of low foam surfactants in industrial cleaning

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In the industrial clear foam not only affects decontamination, but also difficult to rinse, easy to remain, and even overflow the cleaning device, resulting in waste, and the foam will carry away the surfactant from the cleaning liquid phase, so it is necessary to use low-foam cleaning products to achieve a good cleaning effect.

The formation and stability of foam in industrial cleaning is affected by many factors, such as surfactant structure, other components in the cleaning solution, acid and alkaline and electrolyte, temperature, water hardness, oil pollution, cleaning method and so on. Therefore, low-foam surfactants are surfactants that do not produce foam or foam is unstable and can disappear quickly under the conditions of use.

Properties of low foam surfactants

Acid/alkali resistance: They can be considered acid/alkali resistance under normal conditions, especially alkyl terminated alcohol ethers can be stable for a long time under high temperature, high acid/alkali conditions (their own structure will not change).

Surface activity: Due to the limitation of molecular structure, the polarity difference between hydrophilic and oil-philic groups in the amphiphilic structure of surfactants is significantly reduced.

Lower turbidity point: The turbidity point of low-bubble nonionic surfactants is relatively low due to the relative increase of the lipophilic group in the structure.

Decrease of freezing point: Because the hydrophilic end is closed by an oleophilic or relatively oleophilic group, the intermolecular force is weakened, resulting in a decrease in the freezing point of the product. This property provides convenience for the use of such products.

The trend of gel reduction: The tendency of this type of product to form gel in water is greatly reduced, which is very beneficial to the preparation of the product.

Application of low foam surfactants in industrial cleaning

Machine cleaning: Usually pre-washing the dishes before they go into the dishwasher

In situ cleaning: mainly refers to the cleaning in the process of food production and processing, in the cleaning process, the main role of the surfactant is wetting, at the same time, the surfactant in the cleaning product is a low-foam surfactant, with anti-foam and anti-foam effect, can ensure that the cleaning can be smooth.

Cleaning of recycled beverage bottles: mainly the cleaning of recycled beer bottles

Metal cleaning: In metal cleaning, surfactants have a strong decontamination effect in addition to wetting, defoaming and defoaming. In addition, with the progress of cleaning, oil pollution may cause the foam of the system to increase, so the active agent is required to have good decontamination characteristics at the same time, and not only its own low foam, but also the ability to inhibit the foam caused by oil pollution.

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