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Application of polyethylene glycol series products in biomedical field

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Application of polyethylene glycol series products in biomedical field

The polyethylene glycol series products are non-toxic, non-irritating, slightly bitter, have good water solubility, and have good compatibility with many organic components. They have excellent lubricity, moisture retention, dispersibility, adhesives, antistatic agents and softeners in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical fiber, rubber, plastics, paper, paint, electroplating, pesticides, metal processing and food processing. There are a wide range of applications in the industry. Medical polyethylene glycol is also known as polyethylene oxide (PEO). A linear polyether obtained by ring-opening polymerization of ethylene oxide. The main uses in the biomedical field are as follows: contact lens solutions. The viscosity of the aqueous solution of polyethylene glycol is sensitive to the shear rate and the bacteria are not easily grown on polyethylene glycol. Synthetic lubricants. A condensation polymer of ethylene oxide with water. In order to prepare an ointment base for water-soluble drugs, it can also be used as a solvent for acetylsalicylic acid, caffeine, nimodipine and water-insoluble drugs, for the preparation of injection solutions, sustained release of drugs and immobilized enzymes. Applying an aqueous solution of polyethylene glycol to the outer layer of the pill can control the diffusion of the drug in the pill to improve the efficacy. Surface modification of medical polymer materials. Adsorption, retention and grafting of the amphiphilic copolymer containing polyethylene glycol on the surface of the medical polymer material can improve the biocompatibility of the medical polymer material in contact with blood.Make an alkanol contraceptive film. Produce a hydrophilic anticoagulant polyurethane. Polyethylene glycol 4000 is an osmotic laxative. It can increase the osmotic pressure in the intestinal lumen, absorb water, soften the stool, increase the volume, and promote bowel movement and defecation. Denture fixative. It is non-toxic and gel-forming with polyethylene glycol and is used as a component of denture fixing agent. PEG 4000 and PEG 6000 are commonly used to promote cell fusion or protoplast fusion and to help organisms (such as yeast) to take up DNA in transformation. PEG absorbs water from solution and is therefore also used to concentrate the solution. In experiments on protein molecules, the crowded environment can be simulated to verify the impact of crowded environments on protein structure.

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