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Brief introduction to the shortcomings and perfect methods of safety management of hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry

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Brief introduction to the shortcomings and perfect methods of safety management of hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry

In chemical enterprises, hazardous chemicals are used in the production process. This is an important type of raw materials and products in the production process, but it is highly valued by chemical companies because of its dangers. At present, the society attaches great importance to safety production events, especially those involving chemical chemicals in chemical enterprises, which will strengthen their internal management. At this stage, China still has many problems in managing hazardous chemicals. In order to achieve safe management of hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry, it is necessary to further explore its management methods.

1. The concept of dangerous chemicals The so-called hazardous chemicals, as the name implies, are chemicals, preparations or raw materials that can pose certain risks to the human body, equipment and the whole environment, and cause a deeper degree of safety in possible crises. It has attracted great attention from various chemical industries, especially at the level of production and management factors. As an important work aspect of chemical companies, safety management can effectively protect the interests of employees, ensure the normal production of the entire enterprise, and contribute to the safe production of the entire society. At present, many chemical industries have made safety management an important task for enterprise development. All production work is based on safety management. In order to refine safety management measures, it is necessary to give necessary attention from details to key measures to achieve chemical industry. Enterprise safety management to ensure the safety of hazardous chemicals.

2. Current shortcomings in the safety management of hazardous chemicals

2.1 The investment needs to be improved

For most companies, they will put more energy into production, and the investment in the security management level is still low. A considerable number of enterprises have serious problems such as aging equipment and inadequate facilities, which will affect the safety management work. The operation of the policy brings great security risks to the development of the enterprise.

2.2 Production supervision is not in place

Monitoring is an important part of the safety management of hazardous chemicals. At present, many chemical industry management systems need to be further improved. There are still major difficulties in implementing specific measures in accordance with the requirements of safety management. Therefore, production supervision has become an important means to promote enterprises to achieve safety management. In the chemical industry, in the production process involving safety hazards, if the supervision is not proper, it is very easy to eliminate the potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and the possibility of safety accidents will be greatly improved.

Brief introduction to the shortcomings and perfect methods of safety management of hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry

2.3 Safety management requirements are not regulated

In recent years, many chemical industries have been aware of the importance of safely managing hazardous chemicals for production. Some companies have also developed specific management procedures for this work. However, there are still some enterprises that have neglected the requirements for safety management, and the implementation is insufficient. In addition, the lack of safety awareness of relevant personnel has caused many management specifications to be implemented in daily work.

3. Strategy for the safety management of hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry

3.1 Improve the safety management system of hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry

In order to enable the chemical industry to achieve safe management of hazardous chemicals, this is a systematic work. It should be based on a sound enterprise management system, and report to the chemical industry safety management work from the legal system and rules and regulations to avoid implementation. Because of improper management or irregularities and non-strict problems, the chemical industry lacks time-sensitive and targeted management measures, which leads to various safety hazards.

3.2 Strengthen security awareness and implement management responsibility system

The safety management of hazardous chemicals can not only reflect the management level of a chemical industry, but also the key to achieving benefits. Imagine that once a company has a safety incident, normal production has not been discussed, which not only damages the image of the company, but also the benefits of the company. Therefore, enterprises in the chemical industry should be different from other types of enterprises, and special attention should be paid to the safety management of hazardous chemicals. First of all, we should formulate a reasonable production policy, strengthen management for key links with more hidden dangers, continuously rectify these key production welds, and reduce the risk of safety accidents from the source. Second, we must implement a good accountability system. To do a good job in two aspects, one is to let the management of the chemical industry clearly understand the importance of safety management of hazardous chemicals, improve their emphasis on safety management, and enhance their sense of responsibility. In particular, when specific job responsibilities are implemented on each employee, employees should be aware of their heavy responsibilities, strengthen their sense of responsibility, optimize the management's thinking, and make safety management an important indicator.

Third, we must clarify responsibilities, implement different responsibility systems for accountability, refine the responsibility system, and implement a system of decomposing and implementing one by one, so that employees of the entire enterprise can participate in the safety management of hazardous chemicals.

3.3 Focus on hazard monitoring and emergency rescue

Monitoring the work of hazard sources is a key link in the production and management of chemical companies. From the monitoring work of hazard sources, the probability of occurrence of safety accidents can be effectively reduced. For example, when a company encounters some major sources of danger, the company should declare it in time according to the work rules and register it within the company. When managing this part of the hazard source, specific monitoring responsibilities should be implemented. At the same time, an emergency rescue system should be built within the enterprise. Once there are potential safety hazards or safety accidents, rescue work should be done from within the enterprise to reduce losses and reduce the negative impact on the company. The ability to respond to emergencies should be continuously improved. In particular, the hazards posed by dangerous chemicals are serious. Whether the accidents can be controlled in a short period of time is the key to reducing the impact on enterprises. To this end, enterprises should establish an excellent rescue team. Once a company has a safety accident, it can take timely relief work. The local government can also play an active role in assisting enterprises to establish emergency plans to ensure the preparation of highly feasible and reasonable plans to prepare for future security incidents. In the usual production work, enterprises should organize drills on a regular basis. This is an effective measure to improve their coping ability. In the exercise, they can also test the scientificity and operability of the emergency plan, continuously adjust the procedures of the emergency plan, and continuously optimize the plan. Further lay a foundation for reducing corporate losses.

4 Conclusion

In summary, the safety management of hazardous chemicals is an important task that many chemical companies attach great importance to. In order to effectively improve the operability of safety management and reduce the safety hazards in production, enterprises should also monitor the hazard source and issue emergency rescue plans as the key tasks in the future period. The supervision should be continuously increased and the employees' safety awareness should be enhanced. We will fully protect enterprises to achieve my first chemical safety management and reduce safety risks.

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