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Causes of some problems after using grinding aids

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Cement grinding aid companies, as promoters of introducing grinding aid products into cement production, guide cement enterprises to correctly understand and use cement grinding aids, and help cement enterprises correctly judge certain problems in the application process of grinding aids, which will help in cement enterprises to improve the controllability of product quality and reduce the quality risk of using grinding aids.

So, why does the cement enterprise have a large fluctuation in its effect in the use of grinding aids? How to explain it?

1. Why does the cement setting time extend after using grinding aids?

Most domestic grinding aids are composite. The purpose of cement grinding aids used by cement companies is to increase the amount of mixed materials, and the increase of the amount of mixed materials delays the time for the cement hydration environment to form hydrated product crystal concentration. In addition, the compounded organic surfactant in the grinding aid makes  polyhydroxy compounds adsorb at the solid-liquid interface, hinders the hydration process of the cement, and changes the time of initial result formation, so the setting time is prolonged.

2. Why does the specific surface area of cement decrease sharply after using grinding aids?

Since the components of the grinding aid are mostly various surfactants, the smoothness between the cement particles is increased after use, and the speed of air passing through the gaps between the cement particles becomes faster.

3. After using grinding aids, why does the output of the mill suddenly drop during a certain period of time?

Cement is a relatively extensive type of production. It is difficult to control the quality of raw materials to a precise value. The difference in the abrasiveness of different clinkers leads to a decline in output.

4. After using grinding aids, why does the strength of cement appear abnormal from time to time?

This phenomenon is most likely caused by large differences in clinker strength between batches or intermittent failures in the batching system. Therefore, cement enterprises, especially small cement grinding enterprises, should strengthen the quality control of raw materials entering the plant, and strengthen calibration and maintenance of the batching system.

Although the above points are difficult to summarize many problems in cement production, in general, as long as it is a regular and trustworthy grinding aid manufacturer, product stability will definitely be its lifeblood, and it will not be guessed by some cement companies. Like that, the product formula is changed at will to expand its economic benefits. When cement companies choose grinding aids, they should choose products produced by grinding aid companies that have a certain industry history, have obtained ISO quality management system certification, and have a considerable production scale and customer base to avoid fluctuations in grinding aid quality Risks to cement companies.

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