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Cement grinding aid preparation process and use

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 Cement grinding aid preparation process and use

Cement grinding aids play an important role in the cement industry, especially during the “low carbon” period, in order to clean the environment and improve energy efficiency. Cement grinding aids have become recognized as important cement additives because they can effectively shorten the grinding time, improve cement performance, and save energy and reduce emissions. Therefore, it is very important to develop the grinding aid product process. At present, there are many literatures and work on the development of cement grinding aid products, including: one-component type, such as triethanolamine, glycerol, ethylene glycol, phosphate, molasses, etc. Ethanolamine is the representative. The effects of the components on the cement grinding effect, energy saving and cement strength are investigated. The results show that triethanolamine has a good effect on cement grinding. The series compounding type, this kind of grinding aid reduces the cost of raw materials and improves the auxiliary. For the purpose of grinding performance, the synergistic effect of each component was studied, and the optimal complex ratio of each component was optimized. This method is the most widely used and mature technology in the cement industry; modified, polymerized, and such grinding aid The agent has good grinding effect and stable performance, which is conducive to extending new product development technology, but it is rarely used in actual cement production.

The quality of cement grinding aid directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise. The cement grinding aids selected must have corresponding exporting manufacturers. The types of cement grinding aids are divided into many types. The cement grinding aids must be considered when selecting. The performance is good, it has practical application value, avoids the quality problem of the operation process, the chlorine content of the grinding aid needs to be stored at a specific temperature, and it is very soluble in water and has strong adhesion. The effect of reinforcement will destroy the stability of the equipment under high temperature conditions, resulting in damage inside the mill bin. Comprehensive analysis of the performance of the cement grinding aid and the matters needing attention should be taken, and then the cement grinding aid should be selected to ensure compliance. Relevant indicator requirements. In addition, the content of alkaline substances in sodium chloride and sulfur tetraoxide is relatively high, and the alkali content in certain cement grinding aids exceeds the standard. The surface of cement concrete will be hollow and crack, which will affect the compression capacity and prestress of the whole structure. In order to change this situation, we must pay attention to the alkali content when choosing cement grinding aids. Cement grinding aids are widely used in many different processes. In order to improve the operation efficiency of equipment, we use multi-functional cement. Grinding agent plays a vital role in effectively improving the quality of cement. If the cement grinding aid is not used to enhance the effect, the added amount is less than the average value, which will reduce the quality of the cement. To this end, we should not pay too much attention to the auxiliary effect of cement. We must fully consider the strength and hardness of cement at different temperatures. Reasonable choice of cement grinding aid can reduce the loss of raw materials, and choose the appropriate cement grinding according to the actual needs of the process. Do not use low-cost cement grinding aids. In the long run, consider using cement grinding aids that have no strong pungent odor. The alkali content is low and there are no chemical additives. These points are combined to ensure that the selected cement grinding aids are stronger. The stability and practicability, to avoid the occurrence of material stoppage in the process, and thus achieve good economic benefits.

When using cement grinding aids, pay attention to the dosage, the dosage must be within the standard range, in order to play the role of grinding, if the cement content exceeds the standard, it will affect the performance and function of the cement grinding aid, the surface of the cement. To be smooth and free of particulate matter, the more cement is added, the more the cost of use will be increased. If the cement grinding aid is too large, the performance will be degraded and the adsorption performance will be worse and worse. For this reason, it is necessary to strictly supervise the grinding in the cement production process. The dosage of the agent ensures the rational use of the cement grinding aid. The cement grinding aid products should be regularly inspected and tested at different stages of production to fundamentally control the quality of the cement grinding aid. The cement grinding aid should be small and added. The materials and moisture should be controlled within the prescribed standards, give full play to the decomposition of the material particles, effectively remove the debris in the cement grinding aid, and the various system devices should be matched with the grinding cabinet to avoid damage to the flooding device, in order not to affect The function of the equipment must strictly control the quality of cement grinding aids, recycle unreasonable products, and reduce the cost of use of cement enterprises. Be sure to use a raw material having performance cement grinding, to achieve the desired results.

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