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China cement grinding aid industry development status and forecast

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China cement grinding aid industry development status and forecast

With the development of the cement industry, the effect of cement enterprises on cement grinding aids has also changed. Nowadays, the role of grinding aids in cement production is not only energy saving, but also needs to be enhanced and increased. Performance. Therefore, in the production process of grinding aids, the requirements for production equipment have also undergone earth-shaking changes. Having a complete grinding aid production line does not mean that the grinding aid company is strong. He also needs professional technical talents and researchers, complete laboratory equipment and so on.

   As a qualified grinding aid company, there are three types of equipment that need to be mastered: first, mother liquor synthesis and grinding aid production equipment. Second, cement grinding equipment. Third, cement concrete mixing plant equipment. The mother liquor synthesis and grinding aid production equipment directly determines the normal operation of the latter two equipments and the qualification of the products. Today's grinding aid companies in the case of the same mother liquor, the difference in the auxiliary materials determines the effect of the product. Therefore, in the context of the progressive realization of automation and mechanization of cement grinding aid production equipment, the former workshop-type enterprises with manual mixers have been slowly eliminated. In addition to grinding aid production equipment, laboratory equipment also determines the strength of the grinding aid business. Strong companies have very strict requirements on the distribution of mother liquor and the control of auxiliary materials. At this time, you need professional laboratory equipment, such as particle size analyzer.

Seeing the grinding industry from the development of raw materials

As the effectiveness of the grinding aid in the cement production line varies, the composition of the grinding aid is also changing. The main raw material of the grinding aid is triethanolamine, and the purity of the triethanolamine will directly affect the quality of the grinding aid. In addition to triethanolamine, the addition of excipients also plays a large role in the effectiveness of the grinding aid. According to industry experts, the powerful grinding aid companies are now producing triethanolamine by themselves. While saving production costs, they can also control the purity of triethanolamine. With the transparency of the profits of grinding aid companies, the price of grinding aids has fallen sharply. In order to reduce costs, some grinding aid companies have added a large amount of excipients in the process of producing grinding aids, such as adding more diethanolamine, triethylenepropanolamine and polyols. The amount of cement companies added needs to be greatly increased to achieve the desired results. Grinding aid companies claim that the role of the addition of excipients is to increase the effectiveness of grinding aids, such as reinforcement, stimulation, grinding, etc., not to lower prices. Some cement companies have neglected the amount of use because they only care about the price, and the price of buying grinding aids in the end is almost the same.

According to the statistics of the Cement Grinding Agents Branch of the China Cement Association, as of the end of 2008, there were about 500 grinding aid factories in China, of which 102 were added to the cement grinding aid branch, and the cement enterprises using grinding aids accounted for the total cement in China. 30% to 40% of production. By the end of 2011, there were still more than 300 domestically-advised abrasive companies, and the penetration rate of cement companies using cementing agents has reached 60%. As the production process, formula and profitability of the cement grinding aid industry gradually become transparent, the era of “profiteering” in the cement grinding aid industry is gone forever. After the baptism of the grinding aid market in recent years, the number of grinding aid companies has changed a lot, and the productivity, utilization rate and profit of grinding aids have also changed. We have conducted specific data investigations. The following data is available for research and discussion in the industry.

According to the survey of the Cement Human Network Data Center, the domestic cement production in 2011 was 2.085 billion tons. In 2011, the domestic grinding aid penetration rate reached about 60%, of which the powder grinding aid was used at 20%. The use rate of the agent was 80%. In an interview with experts in the grinding aid industry, we learned that the amount of powder grinding aid added is two thousandths; the amount of liquid added is five ten thousandths. According to the above data, the total domestic grinding aid capacity in 2011 is 1 million tons. Among them, the powder and liquid grinding aids are used in an amount of 500,000 tons. From the calculation of profit margins, experts said that in 2011, the price of large-scale grinding aid enterprises was between 7,000 and 8,000 yuan, of which the net profit was about 1,000 yuan. From this, it can be concluded that the output value of grinding aids in 2011 is between 7 billion yuan and 8 billion yuan, and the net profit is between 980 million yuan and 1 billion yuan. Experts said that the number of cement companies has dropped from more than 1,000 in the past to more than 500, and there are more than 300 companies that have formed scale. Among them, there are about 10 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, more than 30 with an annual output value of more than 10 million, and more than 200 with an annual output value of one million yuan. Others are small-scale grinding aid enterprises.

Through the development history and data analysis of the above grinding aid industry, we have clearly seen the development process of the grinding aid industry. In the end, how do we go in the future development direction of the grinding aid industry? In this regard, through the communication and understanding with many experts in the industry, we have summarized the two possible paths for the future development of the grinding aid industry, namely: the first : Horizontally, take the road of merger and reorganization in the grinding aid industry; Article 2: Longitudinal walk, cooperate with cement companies to set up grinding aid enterprises. No matter which way the grinding aid industry goes, the development of the grinding aid industry will never stop.

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