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Comparison of ABS and ASA

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Comparison of ABS and ASA

Due to the special structure and composition of ASA resin, ASA has better impact resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance than ABS. It has fields in construction and sanitary ware, automobiles and motorcycles, electrical and electronic engineering, outdoor equipment and sports equipment. A wide range of applications. The use of Anqing Petrochemical styrene and acrylonitrile resources to research and develop ASA resin has a broader development prospect.

1. ABS advantages and disadvantages


ABS plastic has excellent comprehensive properties, excellent impact strength, good low temperature performance, and low strength at low temperatures. Abrasion resistance: ABS has good wear resistance. Although it can not be used as a self-lubricating material, it can be used as a medium-load bearing due to its good dimensional stability. Creep resistance: Depending on the variety, ultra-high-flush ABS products can withstand 7Mpa load without changing size.


The heat distortion temperature is low, but the heat resistant grade ABS can reach 115 ° C, and the embrittlement temperature is -7 ° C.

Combustible, general grade ABS has a combustion rating of only HB; but it is modified to achieve flame retardancy.

Weather resistance is poor, but can be improved by modifying or replacing the butadiene in the component.

2. ASA performance advantages

ASA resin is a graft copolymer of acrylate rubber body and acrylonitrile and styrene. Compared with ABS, the introduction of butadiene rubber by replacing the acrylate rubber containing no double bond has an essential change in weather resistance. It is about 10 times higher than ABS; other mechanical properties, processing properties, electrical insulation, and chemical resistance are similar to ABS.

Products processed with ASA resin, without surface protection such as painting, plating, etc., can be used directly outdoors, exposed to sunlight for 9 to 15 months, the impact strength and elongation are almost no decrease, and the color is almost unchanged.

Third, the classification and application range of ABS and ASA

ABS's excellent comprehensive performance is widely used, but some shortcomings of general-grade ABS also limit its application in some industries; for this purpose, many modified special ABSs are developed: special ABS can be mainly divided into flame-retardant ABS, transparent ABS, and resistant. Hot ABS and impact ABS.

1. Transparent ABS

It is a modified ABS grafted with MMA. It has good comprehensive properties and can be widely used in electronic and electrical parts. The transparency is close to acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC), and cantilever beam impact strength and falling ball impact strength. Similar to general-purpose ABS, it is not easy to crack under low impact. Main application products: keyboard keys, computer cabinets, printer covers, mouse, printer or fax paper holders, noise barriers, awnings, cosmetic bottles, artificial nails.

2. Flame retardant ABS

It is a special ABS modified by flame retardant, which has excellent flame retardant properties and can be widely used in the outer casing of electrical products. Main application products: hair dryer housing, charger, laser printer housing, satellite TV receiver, trademark machine, ATM cash dispenser, magnetic card reader, PDP TV front panel.

3. Heat resistant ABS

It is a special ABS modified by a heat-resistant agent. It has excellent heat resistance and is widely used in automotive parts and home appliance parts. The following are the applications of heat-resistant ABS in automobiles and household appliances: electric fans, heaters, dryers, camcorders, printers, stereos, chargers, navigators, remote controls, handles, weeders, meter boxes, Kettle, radio, walkie-talkie, oscilloscope.

Classification and application of ASA

ASA can be divided into injection molding grade, extrusion grade and heat resistance grade according to the purpose.

The structural characteristics of ASA and ABS are very similar. In the structural formula, the butadiene portion of ABS is replaced by acrylic acid, which is ASA.

ASA does not contain double bonds, so it can maintain color and performance stability under long-term harsh outdoor conditions. In addition, it has superior scratch resistance compared to polypropylene-based polymers.

1. ASA is widely used in the extrusion profile industry due to its excellent mechanical properties, good colorability, excellent weatherability, good processability and better heat resistance than PVC.

2. ASA can also be used in the automotive industry to manufacture automotive parts such as mirror housings and ventilation grilles. There are many successful cases in well-known auto companies such as Hyundai, GM and Kia. Main application products: rear view mirror housing and bracket, ventilation grille, radiator grille.


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