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Concrete Knowledge 100 Questions (10)

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55. How to prevent loss?

A: The production controller should pay attention to the change of water consumption in the production process, 

when the water consumption is 10kg or more less than the set water consumption of the production mix used, that is, 

the less water should be added to the sand. The dispatcher should do every production of more than 40m3 of the site to 

spot check the factory apparent density of concrete (bulk weight), if the difference with the design value of ±10kg/m3 or more, 

should notify the control room to find the reason, may also be some of the batching scale misalignment, to check immediately.

56, some sites reflect the concrete deficit how to do?

A: Immediately notify the production manager and laboratory director to find out the cause. First, check whether the microcomputer 

production record has a negative deviation is too large, whether there is only water reduction without sand; The second is to go to 

the pouring part to see whether there is a phenomenon of mold expansion, the phenomenon of extra thick pouring plate or 

the phenomenon of scattering waste; Third, it is necessary to calculate in detail whether the planned quantity is wrong.

57, how should the sand be coarse and fine in the material field?

Answer: If you use a bin to feed, a shovel of coarse sand and then a shovel of fine sand interval to feed, if you use two silos to feed, 

one loaded coarse sand, the other loaded fine sand.

58. How to feed when there is a large difference in stone particle size in the material field?

Answer: Two stone silos are used to load the material, one is loaded with larger size stones, and the other is loaded with smaller size stones.

59. When concrete is being produced, what should I do if a load of wet sand is unloaded in the material yard?

Answer: Immediately shovel it to the side, strictly prohibit the wet sand just pulled into the sand bin. The sand in use should be continued.

60, after heavy rain, how to feed the water?

Answer: Shovel the material above the water surface, it is strictly prohibited to shovel the water into the hopper into the bin

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