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Concrete Knowledge 100 Questions (12)

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67. Can observation of mixing current predict the degree of dryness of concrete mix?

A: Predictable. Because the drier the mixture, the greater the stirring current; The thinner the mixture, the smaller the stirring current. 

The controller must pay attention to observe and record the stirring current of each mixer to determine the stirring current interval corresponding 

to a suitable slump. When the current is less than the range, water consumption should be reduced; When the current is greater than the range, 

the water consumption should be increased. When the current is too large or too small, the concrete slump should be visually measured on the tank car, 

and then adjusted to pass when it is inconsistent.

68, in the rainy season before production should pay attention to what several work?

A: (1) First, we must go to the material yard to visually measure the water content of sand and stone and determine which mix ratio is used.

(2) Run the belt empty for ten seconds before loading to remove water on the belt. Then confirm the opening mix and water consumption according to 

the requirements of the task list. Before unloading, be sure to confirm that the driver has carried out the reverse tank drainage, especially in the rain 

before loading the car must be drained, and then discharge the material into the tank. After ringing the bell, it is necessary to confirm whether the 

car is out of the station within 10s to prevent the wrong car.

69, which records should the controller do?

A: (1) Production operation record;

(2) mix ratio adjustment records (records of changes made to the mix ratio);

(3) Identification relocation records (raw materials changed the model, variety and replacement warehouse number, etc.).

70. Do you want to check when entering the mix ratio into the computer?

A: Must be checked, one person input, another person check, in case of error. Some stations have had the wrong amount of cement input; 

Some also use mineral powder as cement, and some use fly ash as cement, resulting in rework of the project.

71, clean up the host internal should do what several work?

(1) Cut off the three-level power supply, lock the power distribution box with a personal lock, and bring your own key.

(2) Wear work clothes, wear gloves, wear platform shoes, and wear a safety cap.

(3) Carry the pick into the main engine, and the lighting fixture should have a protective net. The two electrical cables shall be equipped with leakage protection devices. 

Set up another colleague to watch and assist with the cleanup. In order to prevent random closing, the accident of injured personnel.

72, pump truck, tank truck drivers should establish what kind of quality awareness?

A: First of all, we must establish a sense of responsibility for the quality of commercial concrete, and resolutely abandon the narrow idea that

 "I only transport and pump, and the quality of concrete has nothing to do with me." Actively check the quality of delivery and adjust the concrete mix with 

too small slump at any time.

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