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Concrete Knowledge 100 Questions (9)

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49, How to treat customers?

A: First of all, we should treat customers with polite words and deeds, first say hello and then ask questions, the tone is kind and not rude, 

and the language is civilized and does not panic; Able to do immediately to do, not lazy people do not delay; Reasonable requirements to meet, 

temporarily can not be refused.

50, pumping concrete at the beginning of why can not be too much?

A: Because the situation on the site is very different, some may not have finished the inspection of the steel bar, or may not be ready. 

Even without the above problems, there is still the problem of whether the pumped concrete is a good pump. At first, one train will be sent, 

and after 15 to 20 minutes, another train will be sent. Wait until the truck arrives to get a sense of the site. If all goes well, the pump can continue 

to start normally; If the site is not ready, the train will not start; If the performance of the pumped concrete is poor, it is not easy to pump, 

immediately notify the director of the laboratory, adjust the ratio and then start.

51, dispatcher should pay attention to do what several jobs?

A: (A) Issue task order and organize production reasonably

(B) Reasonable dispatch of vehicles, so that the site does not crush the car, does not break the gear, continuous production;

(C) Make out the transport bill: the mix number, weight ratio and factory slump are consistent with the information from the laboratory.

52, dispatcher received the task plan should ask what matters?

A: When the buyer calls to report the plan, the following matters should be asked: the construction unit, the name of the project, the pouring position, 

the slump of the delivery, the concrete strength level, the planning amount, the mode of entering, the pouring speed (minutes/car), 

the contact phone number, and any special requirements, such as planning the concrete to the site time with the pump truck (pump truck to the site time).

53, If encountered some sites in determining the square amount is not accurate, and then left part of the concrete how to do?

A: Immediately pull back to the mixing station first weigh to determine the square amount, adjust according to the current production tasks, 

and ask the director of the laboratory for specific adjustment methods.

54, there are individual sites when the concrete to the site when special circumstances can not be poured?

A: You can contact the company whether the station has the same level of the same type of production tasks, if so, ask the driver to go to this 

station to change the transport bill and then send to the site. If there is no construction site of the same grade and type, 

immediately notify the laboratory director to adjust the truck concrete to the grade type concrete with the task.

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