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Different types and specifications of the products of Pingpingjia series and his use

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Different types and specifications of the products of Pingpingjia series and his use

Peregal series is also known as fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, leveling agent O, also known as flat and O, is a non-ionic surfactant, the appearance is milky white or beige ointment, when the molecular weight is high, it is solid (according to It is required to be made into a flake solid), soluble in water, ethanol, ethylene glycol, etc., with a cloud point, and the pH of a 1% aqueous solution is neutral. It can resist acid, alkali, hard water, heat and heavy metal salts. It has strong leveling, retarding, penetrating and diffusing properties for various dyes. It has the ability to assist in scouring and can be used together with various surfactants and dyes. There are mainly three types of products.

 O-15 type: leveling agent for printing and dyeing industry, good scouring performance, enhanced dyeing fastness, bright coloration; cleaning agent in metal processing; used in general industry Emulsifier, can be made into a stable emulsion.


O-20 type: It has the functions of diffusion, leveling, wetting, foaming, etc. It has good affinity for direct dyes and vat dyes; it is used as leveling agent, diffusing agent and stripping of various dyes in textile industry. Agent, retarding agent, printing semi-anti-dyeing agent, anti-whitening agent, brightening agent; this product has unique emulsifying properties for stearic acid, paraffin, mineral oil, etc., in latex industry, polymer emulsion polymerization and glass fiber It can be used as an emulsifier in lubricating oil; it can effectively remove the dirt which is decomposed by dyes and accumulated on the fabric, and reduce the electrostatic effect of the fabric; it is used as a component of synthetic fiber spinning oil such as polyester; in chemical production Used as raw material for coating slurry A, adhesive FD and rubber BA; used as raw wool detergent and fruit tree pesticide penetrant.

OS-15 type: leveling agent and retarding agent for printing and dyeing industry, which can improve scouring and color fastness. It is used as a detergent for metal processing; as an emulsifier for lubricating oil in the glass fiber industry; as a penetrating agent for soaking seeds in agriculture to increase the germination rate of seeds; and as an emulsifier in other industries.


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