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FN 6810 fluorocarbon surfactant application suggestions

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FN 6810 fluorocarbon surfactant application suggestions

  1. Due to the high cost of fluorinated products, we recommend that you test  other hydrocarbon surfactants ,If you first attempting to solve other problems or developing products with special properties.

  2. Before using FN 6810 products, please refer to the related product safety data (MSDS). Please refer to the company or distributor. Although there is currently no evidence that fluorocarbon surfactant itself has a toxic effect on human , but we still  not suggestions its application to any food, medical or other related industries.

  3. All FN 6810 products will show more viscosity  when the temperature drops, some products will precipitate and even solidify into wax, but none of the above phenomena have any adverse effect on the application performance of the products.

  4. The product should be fully stirred before use to make it mix well, If necessary mild heating (40 ~ 60 ℃). For some isopropanol solvent products with low flash point, it is not recommended to use open flame heating.It is recommended that the initial application level be 0.1% in an aqueous formulation and 0.25% in a solvent based formulation ,Then adjust the concentration up and down to achieve the optimum application concentration for the desired effect for the particular formulation.

  5. For products with 100% active material (such as FN 6810), We suggest dilute it with basic solvent to form the base liquid of 25 ~ 30% , for precise control of the dosage.

  6. In principle, FN 6810 products can be added at all stages of product processing according to each specific application requirement. In general, We suggest it be added later as far as possible, the liquid should  stirring in processing.

  7. In many applications, the use of surfactants in combination with conventional surfactants not only reduces the dosage of both, but also reduces the cost of the product and  achieving good performance .This is the "synergistic effect" of the surfactant. It will show  very good performance when used as a wetting agent, leveling agent in coatings, inks, floor waxes and other products. But fluorocarbon surfactants do not show good performance  as well as ordinary hydrocarbon surfactants in reducing the interfacial tension of liquid .

  8. FN 6810 products main for reduce surface tension and other properties, Sometimes could used in  foam properties ,But the Foam properties will be effect by  PH value change, Please kindly note it before test .

  9. All FN 6810 products in the application direction, usage, usage suggestions are based on theoretical and practical experience to make the guidance, does not mean that the actual application must follow the above directions or standard . Each application formula has its own particularity and application Characteristic .Please certain  FN 6810 dosage and process way based on  specific experiments .

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