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Flat Plus O Knowledge Point, Big Interpretation

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What is Periga

Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, levelling agent O, also known as flat plus O, is a non-ionic surfactant, the appearance of milky white or beige paste, high molecular weight, solid (can be made into flake solid according to requirements), easily soluble in water, ethanol, ethylene glycol, etc., there is a turbidity point,1% aqueous solution PH value is neutral. It can resist acid, alkali, hard water, heat and heavy metal salt.

An overview of Periga O

The main component of flat plus O is polyoxyethylene fatty alcohol ether, which is milky or beige paste, freezing when cold, easily soluble in water, and does not change in hard water, acid or lye. Pingplus O has strong levelling, slow dyeing, permeability, and diffusivity for various dyes, and can be used with all kinds of surfactants and dyes in the same solution. It is widely used in various processes of textile printing and dyeing industry as a dispersing agent to prevent the decomposition of some Naftol dyes from gathering on the fabric and contaminating the color.

Pingjia-o (Levelling agent O) is non-toxic, non-irritating, has good emulsification, dispersion, water solubility, decontamination, is an important non-ionic surfactant, widely used in a variety of industrial cleaning agent, emulsifier, printing and dyeing industry as levelling agent, retarding agent, blowing agent, wetting agent. It is used in civil detergent, chemical fiber oil agent, textile, leather industry, pesticide, electroplating, paper making and cosmetics.

Classification and use of Periga O

Category 1: Levelling agent O-10. Levelling agent O-10 soluble in water, has excellent emulsification, cleaning, wetting and other properties.

Application: Pingjia O-10 can be used to prepare household detergent, industrial cleaning agent, metal cleaning agent; It can also be used as a wetting agent in the textile industry.

Category 2: Periga O-15. Pingjia O-15 is a levelling agent for printing and dyeing industry. It has good boiling property, enhances dyeing fastness and bright coloring.

Use: as a cleaning agent in metal processing; It is used as an emulsifier in the general industry to make a stable emulsion.

Category 3: Pererga O-20. Pinga O-20 is widely used in emulsification, wetting, dyeing, diffusion, washing and other aspects. It has excellent biodegradability and low temperature performance, is not affected by water hardness, and is more suitable for washing synthetic fibers.

Application: Can be used in powder formula, but also suitable for liquid detergent formula.

Category 4: Pererga O-25. Pingplus O-25 (Levelling agent O-25) type is a levelling agent and retarding agent for printing and dyeing industry, which can improve the boiling property and coloring firmness.

Application: Preparation of cleaning agent for metal processing; Glass fiber industry used as lubricating oil emulsifier; In agriculture, it is used as a seed penetrant to improve the germination rate of seeds. Used as emulsifier in other industries.

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