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Fluorine silicone oil application in waterproof fabric, leather business

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Fluorine silicone oil application in waterproof fabric, leather business

Fluorine silicone oil is often used in waterproof fabric, leather, anti-fouling finishing and has oil repellency and solvent repellency. In general, containing 8-10 perfluorocarbon alkyl chain to achieve the greatest waterproof and oil repellent effect. For fluorine-containing silicone polymers with the same number of carbon atoms, the linear structure  more effective than the branched one in water and oil repellency .

1, Fluorosilicone oil with heptafluoroisopropoxy propyl (or ethyl) side chain, its unique T-shaped fluorine-containing structure to give the product a good fluorine shielding effect, for fabric finishing can greatly improve the water and oil repellent , Anti-fouling performance;

2, Fluorosilicone oil prepared with mercapto silicone oil and fluorine-containing monomer (such as fluoroacrylate) can improve its oil repellency after being used in textile products, especially fiber products;

3, The allyl siloxane and fluorine-containing thiol in the presence of AIBN, at 100 ℃ -105 ℃ reaction of fluorosilicone oil used in cotton fabric finishing, finishing the fabric after dry cleaning, wet cleaning still have good Waterproof oil repellent effect;

4, To perfluoroolefin, hydroxy silicone oil, ethylene oxide, diisocyanate as raw materials synthesis of fluorosilicone modified polyurethane waterproof and oil repellent finishing agents, for fabric, leather and other fabric waterproofing and oil proofing, it has excellent Waterproof, anti-oil, but also increase the softness, slippery feel and elasticity;

5.Fluorosilicone oil is obtained by polymerizing macromolecular hydrogen-containing silicone oil and fluorine-containing olefin under the catalyst. The fluorine content in the polymer is controllable, and it can be widely used as waterproof and oil-repellent treatment on the surface of textiles, paper, metal, glass, ceramics and the like Plastic, rubber mold release agent and water pipeline drag reduction treatment agent;

6, Glass fiber impregnated with fluorosilicone oil has excellent water, oil and corrosion resistance, for chlor-alkali industrial demister, dehydration efficiency is significant, reducing the corrosion of equipment, the defroster significantly longer service life and Improve the quality of liquid chlorine, hydrogen chloride;

7, Based on fluorine-containing alkenyl silicone oil-based polymer configured into a solvent-based products can be used as a release agent for a variety of substrates (paper, plastic film) have good adhesion;

8, The fluorosilicone oil, amino silicone oil, epoxy silicone oil, polyether silicone oil, cationic / nonionic mixed surfactant and deionized water at 56 ℃ -60 ℃ mixing 3h-5h made of oil for carbon fiber drawing production During the process, the oil film is uniformly formed on the surface of the monofilament to prevent the adhesion and coalescence between the monofilaments and prevent the friction and wear between the fiber surface and the roller in the production process, and has excellent smoothness and antistatic property , Bundle and self-emulsifying properties.

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