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Grinding aid and grinding process

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The cement grinding process is different, and the added grinding aids are also particular. For the closed-circuit grinding system and the open-circuit grinding system, the correct use of the grinding aid can be effectively achieved.

A. Closed circuit grinding system

For different closed circuit mills, when grinding the same type of cement or when the fineness of the finished product is basically the same, the length of the grinding fineness can often determine the length of time the material stays in the mill. The out-grinding material is coarse, and the efficiency of powder selection is low. The amount of coarse material returned to the mill increases, the cycle load is large, and the residence time of the material in the mill is relatively short.

After the grinding aid is added, the flow rate in the mill is too fast, and the material does not have sufficient grinding time, so that the grinding aid of the grinding aid is reduced or disappeared. At this time, certain measures must be taken to extend the residence time of the material and reduce the fineness of the material to be ground. Only in this way can the grinding aids exert their due effect.

B. Open circuit grinding system

In the production of open road mills, the materials are milled at one time. At this time, the grindability of clinker, the type and yield of mixed materials, and the grinding fineness of cement play a decisive role. But these are immutable, we should study and control from the perspective of material flow rate in the mill.

The incorporation of general grinding aids will result in faster material flow in the mill. For cement with finer fineness control, it performs better. However, it is often unable to adapt to the characteristics of the grinding process where the material flow rate in the mill is fast and coarse. Therefore, when selecting grinding aid products, we should fully consider this feature, and choose suitable and practical grinding aids to make them more suitable for different grinding characteristics.

Reasonably adjusting the grinding system to suit the use of grinding aids can reduce costs and improve business efficiency.

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