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High efficiency water reducing agent and Ordinary water reducing agent

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Polycarboxylic acid mother liquor is directly synthesized or the concentration is relatively high, mother liquid into ordinary concentration of water reducer is not simple dilution, in mother liquid into ordinary water reducer according to the sand material you use and local climatic conditions or the requirements of the concrete mixing station to determine, to achieve the possibility of construction. In order to make concrete construction possible, we generally add some retarders, air entraining agents, defoaming agents, preservatives, thickening agents, in the winter time will add antifreeze.

Water reducing agent is a common concrete admixture, it does not affect the construction of concrete and easy conditions, has the effect of reducing water and enhancing concrete, high efficiency water reducing agent and ordinary water reducing agent they are able to effectively improve concrete mixing logistics variable performance of concrete admixture.  They are indispensable admixtures in construction engineering.  However, with the development of technology, the effect of water reducing agent is becoming more and more obvious, among which the efficient water reducing agent is more obvious in water reduction and other effects.  So for efficient water reducing agent in the end what is more advanced?  Let's learn more.

 High efficiency water-reducing agent mainly refers to polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent, and polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent is divided into polycarboxylic acid common water-reducing agent with polycarboxylic acid high-performance water-reducing agent;

 1, ordinary water reducing agent water reduction rate is usually 5%~10%;  The efficiency of water reducing agent can reach 12%~25% or even higher.
 2, high efficiency water reducing agent can be in the water cement ratio under the condition of the same, greatly improve the work of concrete such as mixing high efficiency water reducing agent can be prepared to slump 25cm of large fluidity concrete, at the same time will not entrain excessive air, will not lead to concrete too slow setting;  Under the condition of constant cement dosage, the slump of concrete mixed with ordinary water-reducing agent is usually about 10cm.
 3, in the slump of the basic same conditions, high efficiency water reducing agent can greatly reduce the water consumption of concrete mixing, significantly reduce the water-cement ratio, so as to greatly improve the strength of concrete, so high efficiency water reducing agent is mainly used for the configuration of high strength grade, high water reduction requirements of mobile concrete;  The water reduction rate of ordinary water reducing agent is relatively low mainly used for the preparation of strength grade is not high, low water reduction requirements of concrete.
 4. In terms of preparation cost, polycarboxylic acid efficient water reducing agent has high solid content, so its price is relatively high;  And common water reducing agent solid content is low, the price also can be inferior.

 High efficiency water reducing agent than common water reducing agent has better water reducing, dispersion, and enhanced effect, also with the function of water reducing and other composite multi-functional high efficiency water reducing agent, such as early strength high efficiency water reducing agent, retarded high efficiency water reducing agent, air-entraining efficient jianshuiji geometric constituent of synthetic high efficiency water reducing agent has more advantages, can better meet the fresh concrete and hardened concrete performance of a variety of requirements,

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