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How does the textile printing and dyeing industry use polyether defoamer?

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Textile printing and dyeing products can be seen everywhere in daily life, there will be foam during textile printing and dyeing, each manufacturer will add a variety of surfactants during printing and dyeing to assist processing, different procedures through stirring and mechanical shaking will be different degrees of foam, and hinder the smooth progress of various procedures and product quality. In fact, many manufacturers will use polyether defoamer for defoaming!

Polyether defoamer is added during fabric desizing, boiling, bleaching and washing, which can improve the pre-treatment effect, so it is required that the defoamer has good permeability, high temperature resistance, uniform dispersion, and can make the desizing agent, scouring agent and cleaning agent evenly penetrate into the fabric. Can't form silicon spots.

It is added to the dyeing paste to eliminate the foam and avoid the undesirable phenomena such as color spots, color spots and uneven color on the fabric caused by the foam. This process requires a defoamer that can withstand high temperatures without affecting the beauty of the product. Excessive addition of silicone defoamer is easy to cause uneven dyeing, silicon spot phenomenon, the formation of color spots. This phenomenon does not exist when using polyether defoamer.

Textile printing with polyether defoamer in the textile printing process, to avoid foam resulting in white spots, spots, or fabric pattern color uneven, fuzzy and so on, so the added defoamer must ensure product quality, can not affect the viscosity of the slurry, color appearance, can quickly disperse, self-emulsifying, low and high viscosity system can maintain a long-lasting anti-foam effect.

Polyether defoamer mainly uses the relationship between its solubility and temperature. For non-ionic surfactants, the solubility of polyether in water will transition from soluble in water to insoluble in water as the temperature increases. When polyether exists in water in a certain size of particles, it is in line with the "insoluble foaming medium" characteristics of the defoamer, so it can be used as a defoamer in some foaming systems, especially in some industries where silicone cannot be used as a defoamer.

To add this defoamer, you need to pay attention to the amount of addition. By adding the amount of measurement, so as to determine the specific amount of use, generally controlled within one to one thousand.

When adding such an antifoaming agent, you need to add it first according to the specific situation. You can directly add to the use of the medium environment, in addition, you can first dilute the water according to a certain ratio and then directly add to use.

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