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How to better play the role of cement grinding aid

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How to better play the role of cement grinding aid

With the rapid development of China's cement industry and the country's high attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, cement grinding aids have become a must for cement enterprises, and also bring significant economic benefits to many cement companies. Correct selection and use of cement grinding aids suitable for the actual conditions and production conditions of the enterprise can not only greatly increase the output of cement platforms, improve the performance of cement, but also reduce the consumption of clinker and increase the amount of mixed materials. The use of resources to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc., to save energy and reduce environmental protection, improve economic and social benefits, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of cement companies in the market.

The application and benefit of cement grinding aids in cement production is a gamble of cement manufacturers. It can increase energy conservation, consumption and improvement for cement production enterprises without increasing investment in fixed assets and increasing operating costs. The means of regulation of cement performance. This method can be applied flexibly and actively due to changes in cement types and grades, as well as mixed materials and market changes. It is an indispensable assistant for cement production, and its application benefits are multifaceted. Artificial or natural mineral materials incorporated to improve cement properties, adjust cement strength grades, increase cement production, etc., are collectively referred to as cement admixtures. At present, most of the mixed materials used by cement companies are industrial waste. According to their performance, they are often divided into two categories: active mixture and inactive mixture. The technical application of cement grinding aids is a criss-crossing, complex and variable process. It not only contains complex chemical changes, but also is affected and restricted by many factors, such as cement grinding system, process, material type particle size moisture, human intervention. We can only use the dialectic and dialectical treatments to apply cement grinding aids to actual production. In order to reduce production costs, improve labor productivity, save resources, comprehensively improve low-carbon green development and resource and energy utilization, reduce pollution, save energy and reduce emissions, protect environmental ecology, improve economic efficiency, maximize economic benefits and market competitiveness. It is imperative to choose and use cement grinding aids reasonably.

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