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Learn about the properties and applications of antistatic agents

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Any object has its own electrostatic charge, this charge can be negative or positive charge, the accumulation of electrostatic charge makes life or industrial production affected or even harmful, will gather harmful charge guide and eliminate, so that it does not cause inconvenience or harm to production and life chemicals called antistatic agents.

Jiangsu Hai 'an Petrochemical Plant is located in Hai 'an Industrial Park, the factory mainly produces surfactants, industrial auxiliaries. Products are levelling agent, emulsifier, dispersant, cleaning agent, softening agent, additive, scouring agent, thickening agent, defoamer, pearling agent, release agent, chemical fiber oil agent, polyether, Pan, Twain, alcohol ether phosphate ester, polyol ester and other varieties. Used in textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, dye, fertilizer, rubber, plastic, food, paper, leather, daily chemical, paint, metal processing, concrete and other fields.

Antistatic agents generally have the characteristics of surfactants, and have both polar and non-polar groups in structure. Antistatic agent B Colorless to light yellow liquid colorless to light yellow wax colorless to light yellow solid. According to the different ways of use, antistatic agents can be divided into two types of external coating and internal mixing. In addition to the various antistatic agent molecules can give the surface of the polymer material a certain lubricity, reduce the friction coefficient, inhibit and reduce the static charge generation, different types of antistatic agents not only chemical composition and use of different, but also different mechanism of action.

Let's take a look at the performance and application of antistatic agents:

1, this series of products dissolve in general organic solvents, form colloids in water.

2, used as antistatic agent, emulsifier, rewetting agent, lubricant. Can be used in insecticides and herbicides, oil additives, textile lubricants. Used as an emulsifier in water-based inks and cosmetics.

3, double (β-hydroxyethyl) cocamide for polypropylene, ABS internal antistatic agent. It is also used as an antistatic agent and preservative in steam generation and circulation systems.

4, double (β-hydroxyethyl) stearamine for plastic special antistatic agent, used for polystyrene and polystyrene acrylonitrile internal antistatic agent, has good compatibility, heat resistance, stability, non-toxic characteristics, mainly used in packaging film, daily plastic containers, mining plastic pipes, polypropylene fiber and so on.

There are two methods of using antistatic agent: coating method and blending method. The coating method has the advantages of quick effect, material saving and low heat resistance requirement of antistatic agent, but the antistatic effect can not last long, and the antistatic agent coating will disappear after washing and friction. The blending method has the advantages of washing resistance, friction resistance, durable antistatic effect and simple use.

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