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Measures and Importance of Energy Saving in Cement Grinding Station

Views: 4     Author: Mary     Publish Time: 2019-04-04      Origin: Horizon Chemical


The power consumption of cement grinding occupies a considerable proportion in the whole cement production process, so it is an important link of energy saving and emission reduction in cement production. Energy saving and consumption reduction in grinding stations should start with improving the traditional grinding process and grinding efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to rationally arrange production processes, strengthen the internal management of enterprises and the understanding of energy saving and emission reduction, so as to achieve the joint improvement of output, quality and consumption reduction.

Measures for Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction in Cement Grinding Station:

1. Optimize the internal structure of the mill and set up an efficient forced screening system with powder selection function.

2. Reducing the size of grinding clinker and adopting "more crushing and less grinding" technology can reduce the grinding power consumption system.

3. Improving cement properties and mixing more materials

4. Rational use of cement grinding aid

Cement grinding is the main energy consumption link in the production process of cement products, suitable cement grinding aid can be used, which can effectively improve the size distribution of cement, reduce grinding time, reduce the number of particles less than 3 micron, increase the output of grinder, and consequently save power consumption. Cement grinding aid are a new type of scientific and technological products, which can enhance performance and reduce costs. Its function is mainly realized by grinding aid. 

The grinding aid can distinguish cement particles and steel balls, so as to enhance the fluidity of cement, improve the working efficiency of grinding mill, increase the output per unit time of grinding mill, increase the specific surface area and effectively improve the strength of cement. The chemical substances in additives, cement and mixtures can effectively enhance the hydration products of cement, improve the reactivity of cement, and achieve enhanced function after certain chemical reactions. When cement needs fine grinding, the effect of adding grinding aid is more obvious.

Shijiazhuang City Horizon Chemcial Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for cement grinding aid raw materials, including Triisopropanolamine-TIPA, Diethanolisopropanolamine-DEIPA, etc. which can be used alone or added to cement grinding aid that improve a lot of the cement grinding efficiency and cement strength.

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5. Improve the power factor and efficiency of electrical equipment and reduce power consumption

6. Reasonable arrangement of production sequence

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