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Multifunctional use of levelling agent?

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Levelling agent O is flat plus, the two are the same thing, the appearance is a white flake, it has many uses and characteristics, widely used in the various processes of the textile printing and dyeing industry. Although Pingjia looks ugly, it has many uses.

The characteristics and uses of Periga are as follows:

(1) Flat addition has the ability to remove color for some dyes, the characteristics of color removal are different from sodium hypochlorite and insurance powder, do not change the color, but fade or achromic, can be used to remove stains and remove color. Can be used as a stripping agent, the general dosage of 0.2~1g/L.

(2) Flat plus cold freezing, easy to dissolve in water, in hard water, with penetration, emulsification, wetting, cleaning and other properties. Pingjia as a levelling agent, in printing and dyeing is mainly used for acid dye, VAT dye dyeing, the general dosage is 1%. It's four percent. As a levelling agent for direct dyeing cotton, adding about 0.2-0.5g /L to the solution can obtain good levelling and permeability. Used as a levelling agent when returning dyes dye cotton, the general dosage is 0.02-0.1g /L, levelling agent O can aggregate with dye molecules, thus reducing the dyeing speed of the dye, so that the dye gradually transfer to the fiber, so as to achieve the purpose of levelling. It is used as levelling agent for dyeing wool products with acid complexing dyes. When the acid complex dye (Bertin dye) dyes the fabric, adding the levelling agent O 1-3%, the amount of sulfuric acid can be reduced from 4.7-9.2% to 4.3-5.8%, and the PH value (dye bath) can be increased from 1.9-2.1 to 2.2-2.4, which can ensure that the strength of the fabric is not damaged, and make the feel soft and have the levelling effect. As a dispersive dye dyeing elastic nylon yarn levelling agent, the general dosage is 1-4%.

Pingjia has a high affinity for VAT dyes. In the dyeing solution, it can combine with dyes in an unstable polymer. In the dyeing process, this polymer slowly releases the dye and dyes the fibers, so it is also a slow dyeing agent. The use of Pingjia in the printing and dyeing industry can be used as a reference for laundry redyeing materials.

(3) Pinga has good washing and decontamination ability, easy to wash off after use.

The emulsification and removal ability of dirt is better than that of sodium alkyl benzene sulfate (surfactants contained in ordinary laundry detergent), and the ability to prevent dirt redeposition in the decontamination process is much better than sodium alkyl benzene sulfate. Flat addition in cold water and hard water has a good solubility, adding the appropriate flat addition in the washing powder, can double the decontamination ability. When Pinga is used as a detergent, strong alkali can not be added, pH value can not be too high, and some varieties will cause hydrolysis in case of strong alkali.

The combination of Pingjia and insurance powder can improve the permeability. It can improve the effect of removing color stains or improve the decontamination effect.

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