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Non-ionic surfactants Which products can be used in the washing industry?

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Non-ionic surfactants have high surface activity, good solubilization, washing, antistatic, calcium soap dispersion and other properties, little irritation, and excellent wetting and washing functions. Because non-ionic surfactants have excellent washing properties, they have a strong decontamination ability even at low concentrations and less foam; So it's easy to make liquid detergent.

Since the non-ionic surfactant is not present in the ionic state in the solution, it has high stability, is not easily affected by the presence of strong electrolytes, and is not easily affected by acids and bases, and can be mixed with other types of surfactants, has good compatibility, has good solubility in various solvents, and does not have strong adsorption on the solid surface.

It does not dissociate when dissolved in water and is not sensitive to hard water and electrolytes. The critical micelle concentration is very low, and it has good solubilization ability. The properties of emulsification, dispersion, wetting and redeposition resistance are also excellent. High stability, acid and alkali resistance, easy biodegradation. Therefore, it is widely used to formulate various detergents, and its varieties and dosage are increasing year by year.

So what are the non-ionic surfactants that can be used?

Non-ionic surfactants used in the preparation of synthetic detergents are: polyoxyethylene non-ionic surfactants, fatty acylanolamine non-ionic surfactants, polyether non-ionic surfactants, sucrose ester non-ionic surfactants, glycerol fatty acid ester non-ionic surfactants, other polyol fatty acid ester non-ionic surfactants.

A, polyoxyethylene type non-ionic surfactant

There are many kinds of polyoxyethylene non-ionic surfactants, which mainly play the roles of thickening, foam stabilization, sterilization, cleaning, anti-deposition and solubilization.

1, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether

The specific products of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether are: emulsifier MOA series, emulsifier E1300 series, emulsifier O series (i.e. : levelling agent O or flat). It has good wetting, permeation, decontamination performance and good emulsification ability.

2, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether

Alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether specific products are: emulsifier OP series, emulsifier TX series, emulsifier SOPE series.

Alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether has good wetting, permeation and decontamination properties, and good emulsification properties. High chemical stability, even at high temperatures is not easily damaged by strong acids, alkali.

Emulsifier OP-10 can be described as king fried products, the appearance of colorless transparent liquid, soluble in water, acid, alkali, salt, hard water resistance, with good emulsification, dyeing, wetting, diffusion, cleaning properties, can be mixed with all kinds of surfactants, dye primer; It has excellent washing and decontamination ability, and the solubility in cold water is larger than that in hot water, which is used to prepare various detergents.

Similar performance products are emulsifier OP-7, emulsifier OP-15 and so on.

3, fatty acid polyoxyethylene ester

The specific products of fatty acid polyoxyethylene ester are emulsifier A series, emulsifier LAE series and emulsifier SG series. Compared with fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether and alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, the fatty acid polyoxyethylene ether is easy to decompose under heat, is not resistant to strong acid and alkali, has less solubility in water, and has poor properties such as decontamination and penetration. However, when it is used to prepare household synthetic detergent, its performance is still very good.

Ii. Fatty acylalkanolamines

Fatty acylalkanolamines are a large class used in synthetic detergents. Its main performance is to have excellent stability of foam and increase the viscosity of the detergent can increase the consistency of the detergent solution, improve the detergent decontamination capacity and carrying performance, prevent the skin dry, animal and plant oil and mineral oil has good removal power, used to prepare a variety of synthetic detergent. Such products used in the synthesis of detergents are lauryl diethanolamine, coconut diethanolamine, oil coconut diethanolamine, stearyl diethanolamine and so on.

1. Lauryl diethanolamine

The main component of cleansing agent 6501 is lauroyl diethanolamine. Cleaning agent 6501 is easily soluble in water, the aqueous solution is transparent, can thicken the aqueous solution, stabilize the foam of the washing liquid and remove animal and plant oil, mineral oil, and can significantly suspend dirt. Used for fabric washing, can make the fabric soft after washing. Mainly with dry preparation of liquid detergent. It has the properties of wetting, cleaning, emulsification, softness, etc., and has a good foaming stabilization effect on anionic surfactants. It is an indispensable raw material in various cosmetic products such as liquid detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, cleaning agent and facial cleanser. Good hardness resistance when used with soap. Moreover, it has good foaming and foam stabilizing properties, and is widely used as a foam modifier for products in detergent foam stabilizing.

2. Coconut diethanolamine

It dissolves in water, has excellent permeation, decontamination performance, and other surfactants are combined with excellent synergism, and has obvious effect on stabilizing the dispersion and thickening of foam and dirt particles. In addition, it has an anti-rust effect on metals and is mild to the skin. It is used to prepare liquid detergent, cleaning agent, textile and leather industry cleaning agent, metal cleaning agent, etc.

Third, polyether

Polyether detergent generally does not absorb moisture, more soluble in cold water than in hot water, concentrated solution is gelatinaceous, also soluble in aromatic and chlorine-containing organic solvents, with good decontamination performance, tasteless, low toxicity, less irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, and better dispersion of calcium soap and soluble organic matter ability. The product has good bactericidal and deodorizing properties, and is mainly used for preparing tableware detergent and metal detergent.

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