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Polycarboxylate superplasticizer polyether macromonomer

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Polycarboxylate superplasticizer polyether macromonomer

With the steady development of China's concrete water reducing agent manufacturing industry, especially the introduction of relevant national policies, China's concrete water reducing agent manufacturing industry has ushered in a good development opportunity. At present, China's concrete water reducer products are complete in variety and performance, and the output ranks first in the world. The annual growth rate exceeds 20%, meeting the railways, highways, airports, coal mines, municipal engineering, nuclear power plants and dams in recent years. And infrastructure such as bridges and the demand for rapid growth of real estate. In recent years, China's infrastructure projects have been rapidly improved. High-speed railways, urban rails and highways, real estate and security construction, as well as the construction of large-scale use of concrete and subsequent use of water conservancy projects with national policies are also very alarming. Polycarboxylate superplasticizer can produce ideal water reduction and reinforcement effect when the dosage is low, less influence on concrete setting time, good slump retention, and adaptability to cement/mixture It is relatively good, has little influence on the shrinkage of concrete (refers to usually does not excessively increase dry shrinkage), does not use formaldehyde in the production process, does not discharge waste liquid, and has low salicylate and low chloride ion content, etc. A new generation of water reducing agent after melamine, aliphatic and sulfamate water reducing agents.

In recent years, the structure of polyether monomer has undergone significant changes in the market, which fully reflects the establishment and rapid development of the entire industrial chain of domestic polycarboxylate water reducer. In the early stage of the domestic polycarboxylate water reducer industry, polyether monomers were mainly MPEG. The monomers were obtained by esterification with unsaturated carboxylic acids such as acrylic acid, and then used to synthesize polycarboxylate water reducers. Domestically, ether-type polyether monomers represented by APEG, TPEG and HPEG have been developed. The polyether monomer synthesis process is simple, chemically stable, and the product quality is good. At first, because the starting materials of TPEG and HPEG need to be imported from abroad and the price is high, limiting their application in the water reducing agent industry, the market is dominated by APEG. However, APEG has low polymerization activity and high monomer residual rate, which affects its application performance. While TPEG and HPEG polyether monomers have higher reactivity, the obtained polycarboxylate water reducer products have greater advantages in water reduction rate and moisture retention performance than APEG, while TPEG and HPEG are The starting materials are gradually localized and the price is greatly reduced. The polyether macromonomers with isoprenol terminated (TPEG) and isobutylene terminated (HPEG) gradually become the mainstream varieties in the market of polycarboxylate superplasticizers. [9]. As a green and environmentally-friendly water-reducing agent, polycarboxylate water-reducing agent accounts for an increasing proportion of water-reducing agents for concrete, which has promoted the rapid development of the polycarboxylate water reducer industry. However, with the increase in production and production technology of new expansion projects in China, the domestic production capacity of polyether monomer will further expand, and competition among enterprises will become more intense. Therefore, domestic polyether monomer manufacturers should pay attention to the research and development of new functional polyether monomers to meet the needs of different functional water reducer product development, while improving their product quality, optimizing process technology and production equipment, and focusing on the brand. Create, gradually enhance the inherent competitiveness of products and avoid the vicious circle caused by disorderly competition The domestic market of polyether monomer has continued to develop, and the product structure has undergone significant changes. New functional macromonomers have emerged in an endless stream, fully reflecting the rapid industrial chain of domestic polycarboxylate superplasticizers. The continuous improvement of development and level also reflects the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of large water-reducing agent manufacturers. With the increase in the production and production technology of the newly-built ethoxylated project in China, the domestic production capacity of polyether monomer will further expand and the competition among enterprises will become more intense. Therefore, in addition to continuously improving the quality of its own products and optimizing the process technology, domestic polyether monomer manufacturers should also pay attention to the development and application of new functional polyether monomers to meet the needs of different functional water reducer products. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection in China, both the initiators of the initiators and the manufacturers of water reducers are constantly improving their production processes and providing more environmentally friendly and green products and processes. This means that the development of macromonomers, from starter production to ethoxylation, will require greater attention to meeting environmental protection needs.

Polyether Monomer TPEG 1000

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