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Preventive measures for peeling of concrete pavement

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Preventive measures for peeling of concrete pavement:

1.Strictly control the quality of concrete materials

(1) Control of concrete mixing materials

Medium and coarse sand should be selected, and all indicators should be consistent with national standards. The use of washed sand and sea sand is strictly prohibited. Before using sand, it must be sieved. Cement, sand, and stone must be stored separately. Among them, how much cement should be stored overhead, and at the same time, plastic cloth is used to cover the cement to prevent the moisture from occurring in the cement. When using commercial concrete, in order to prevent commercial concrete plants from applying unqualified concrete materials, a special person should be assigned to the commercial concrete production plant for supervision.

(2) Control of concrete mix ratio

During the construction of concrete pavement, it is necessary to take the concrete test ratio as the main basis and carry out related construction operations. It is strictly forbidden to increase and decrease the amount of concrete materials at will. The strength of the produced concrete should meet the design requirements and the water-cement ratio of the concrete should be Strict control.

(3) Strictly control the transport time and pouring time of commercial concrete

Before the commercial concrete is transported to the construction site, in order to ensure that the commercial concrete can be poured within 4 hours, to ensure that all indicators of the concrete will not change, and to prevent the phenomenon of segregation and bleeding, preparations should be made. After the commercial concrete is delivered to the construction site, the slump of the concrete should be tested. If it fails to meet the requirements, it should be stirred once.

2. Strictly check the construction operation

(1) Strictly control the wiping time

Applying the concrete pavement at different time stages will have different effects. The construction unit cannot reduce the number of application passes for the convenience of construction and change the application time. One of the most effective ways to prevent peeling of concrete pavement is to strictly control the rubbing time.

(2) When the subgrade does not accumulate water, it is strictly forbidden to add water at will

Before the concrete is poured, the roadbed must be cleaned, and the phenomenon of water accumulation is strictly prohibited. When pouring the concrete, it is not convenient to construct it. Then, add water to the concrete pavement to increase the slump of the concrete. It is strictly forbidden to sprinkle water on the road surface to avoid bleeding. When the water ash is relatively large, it is not possible to randomly spread dry ash on the concrete pavement.

(3) Excessive vibration is strictly prohibited

In order to make the concrete pavement strength reach the design strength, vibrating is a very important operation content. During construction, leakage and over-vibration are strictly prohibited to effectively prevent the occurrence of concrete segregation and bleeding.

(4) Carry out maintenance in strict accordance with relevant regulations

After the concrete pavement reaches the final setting, effective maintenance measures should be taken. During the entire curing period, water should be evenly sprinkled on the concrete pavement to keep the pavement in a wet state.

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