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Surfactant active substance content is an important index to measure the quality of laundry detergent

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Food, clothing, housing and transportation, "clothing" is the basic needs of life.

With the progress of society, dressing tends to pursue beautiful fashion. But beautiful to wear, tired to wash.

In order to make clothes clean and easy to wash, detergents are constantly introduced: from soap, to laundry detergent, and now every family must have laundry detergent. 

People use their best efforts to clean their clothes.

However, the laundry detergent on the supermarket shelves is dazzling, and the advertising is flying, and the different types and functions are dazzling. In the end, 

how to choose a clean laundry detergent, but also save money and labor?

The main component of laundry detergent is surfactant, which is the main active component in laundry detergent.

The decontamination effect of laundry detergent largely depends on the active substance content in it. The content of active substance is an important index to measure the quality of laundry detergent, and the content of active substance dominated by surfactants directly affects the strength of decontamination ability.

In addition, the detergency of laundry detergent is also related to factors such as the type of surfactant used in the formula and scientific compatibility, and the type and content of functional additives such as polymers. If amino acid surfactant is used in laundry detergent, it has a certain bactericidal effect, and this surfactant will be much less irritating than specialized bactericidal antibacterial agents, easier to rinse, and can degrade organisms.

Industry standard QB/T 1224-2012 "Liquid detergent for clothing" will be divided into concentrated detergent and ordinary detergent two types, in 2012 China Detergent Industry Association on the basis of industry standards developed and issued the "concentrated detergent mark product Technical specification", put forward "concentrated", "concentrated +" two product types, And the implementation of product logo certification. The surfactant content of 15% to 25% in laundry detergent is called ordinary type, 25% to 30% is concentrated type, and more than 30% can be marked with "concentrated + detergent mark". In Canada, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, concentrated detergent accounts for more than 98%, and the current domestic concentrated detergent accounts for only 3%. Concentrated laundry detergent has less relative water content and fewer packaging bottles used for the same washing times, so it can reduce production water, save packaging materials, reduce transportation and storage costs, and have a certain effect of energy saving and emission reduction and green environmental protection.

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