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The development status of DEIPA in China and its future development prospects and application in cement grinding aids

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The development status of DEIPA in China and its future development prospects and application in cement grinding aids

China's DEIPA is mainly used in cement grinding aids. The dosage is 0.5 to 10,000 parts per million of cement. It can be combined with polyol, triethanolamine and harmless inorganic salts. It can be designed as a high-volume product. It can be used to enhance multi-mixed materials. It can also be designed as a low-volume product for high-grade cement to achieve a comprehensive effect of enhanced production. Its comprehensive performance is significantly better than traditional alcohol amine compounds. Based on its superior performance advantages, DEIPA has experienced explosive growth in the use of cement grinding aids and concrete applications in China. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015, DEIPA's apparent consumption in cement grinding aids and concrete in China reached 60,000 tons. However, in the process of rapid development, there are also many problems. The cement-soil mixing method is generally a cement as a curing agent, which uses a series of physical, physical, chemical reactions and chemical reactions between cement and soft soil to make the soft soil indurated. It is a foundation treatment method for cement soil with certain strength and water stability, thereby improving foundation strength and increasing deformation modulus [1]. Adding suitable admixtures to cement soil can improve the mechanical properties of cement soil, reduce the amount of cement, shorten the construction period and reduce the engineering cost. There have been some achievements in the research of cement and soil additives in China. Diethanol monoisopropanolamine was produced in the 1990s. It is a non-toxic, trisamine-lowering, environmentally friendly alcohol-amine fine chemical product that is mainly used in surfactants and cement. In the fields of grinding aids, daily chemicals and fabric softeners, production and consumption are mainly concentrated in China, the United States, South Korea, India, Europe and other countries and regions. China started large-scale industrial production in 2011, and most of the consumption field is concentrated on cement grinding aids. Diethanol monoisopropanolamine is better for its application.

The obvious advantage of the strength and the early strength of the cement is favored by the grinding aid and concrete admixture enterprises in China.

The future development trend of diethanol monoisopropanolamine industry: 1. Specialization, scale, and concentration: Regardless of the process route, DEIPA production involves the storage and use of hazardous chemicals. With the further improvement of relevant national policies, a systematic management system has been gradually formed for the management of hazardous chemicals. For example, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has implemented the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) pollution control and leakage detection and repair policies and regulations in the petrochemical industry. Under the new situation, only by continuously exploring and researching scientific hazardous chemicals management methods, and effectively improving the level of production management, can we achieve safe production fundamentally, in line with national requirements for safety supervision and environmental protection. Therefore, the production enterprises of DEIPA are gradually focusing on chemical specialization, large-scale and centralized production. 2 Industry chain integration:

 Through the integration of the industrial chain, the development of PO or DEA and EO industries will enhance the cost advantage of DEIPA, avoid the huge risks of fluctuations in raw material prices, and achieve breakthroughs in the market cost competition. 3 Product personalization: in the field of fine chemicals such as surfactants, daily chemicals, fabric softeners, pharmaceutical intermediates, DEIPA products, color, purity, isomers, heavy metal ions (ppb grade), free ammonia Such indicators are relatively high, and Chinese enterprises need to increase investment in synthetic processes, equipment, technology research and development to meet the individual needs of customers in the field of fine chemicals.

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