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The efficiency and capacity of surfactants

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Surfactant refers to a class of compounds that can significantly reduce the surface tension of 

water at a very low concentration. After reaching a certain concentration, it can be associated to form micelles, 

thus having a series of physical and chemical effects such as wetting or anti-sticking, 

emulsifying or breaking milk, foaming or defoaming, solubilizing, dispersing, washing, anti-corrosion, 

antistatic, etc., and corresponding practical applications. Become a kind of flexible and versatile fine chemical products.

Surfactants are divided into anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants and non-ionic surfactants 

according to the structure of their hydrophilic groups. Surfactants are mainly used in washing, 

textile and other industries, and other applications can cover almost all fine chemical fields. 

In the paper industry can be used as cooking agent, waste paper deinking agent, sizing agent, 

resin barrier control agent, defoamer, softener, antistatic agent, scale inhibitor, softener, degreasing agent, bactericide and algicide, corrosion inhibitor and so on.

Surfactants are also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, in the pharmaceutical, 

some volatile oil soluble cellulose, steroid hormones and many other insoluble drugs using 

the solubilization of surfactant can form a transparent solution and increase the concentration; 

In the pharmaceutical industry can be used as a bactericide and disinfectant, its bactericidal and 

disinfection effect due to their strong interaction with bacterial biofilm proteins to denature or lose function, 

these disinfectants have a relatively large solubility in water, according to the concentration of use, 

can be used for skin disinfection before surgery, wound or mucous membrane disinfection, 

instrument disinfection and environmental disinfection; In the process of preparation, 

it is an indispensable emulsifier, wetting agent, suspension aid, foaming agent and defoamer.

In the pesticide industry, wettable powders, emulsifiers and concentrated emulsions all require 

a certain amount of surfactants. For example, the original drugs in wettable powders are mostly 

organic compounds with hydrophobicity. Only when the surface tension of water is reduced in 

the presence of surfactants, can the drug particles be wetted by water and form a water suspension; 

And in the granule and powder for powder spraying, some also contain a certain amount of surfactant, 

the purpose of which is to improve the adhesion and deposition of the agent on the surface of the drug, 

improve the release rate and expansion area of the active ingredient under water conditions, 

and improve the effect of disease prevention and treatment.

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