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The essential properties of cement grinding aid product quality

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The essential properties of cement grinding aid product quality

Cement grinding aids are good products that are conducive to energy saving in grinding and help to improve the particle properties of the material being ground. For a long time, cement grinding aids have been promoted and applied in cement production, and have achieved good energy-saving and emission-reducing effects. However, in the marketing and promotion of grinding aid products, I believe that there are some “misleading” tendencies that have helped Under the pursuit of different interests, the grinding agent production and operation parties and the cement enterprise users have some deviations in the understanding of the essential properties of the grinding aid product quality. For example, the focus of the use of grinding aids is one-sidedly placed on the functional aspects of “reducing the amount of clinker used, increasing the amount of mixed materials” and “increasing the early strength of cement for three days”. In the marketing propaganda, due to excessively amplifying the “enhancement” function of the grinding aid, neglecting the intrinsic quality of the grinding aid product itself, and even reflecting the “enhancement” function, the “false” phenomenon sometimes occurs, which makes some large cement enterprises use it. Grinding aids have doubts; in addition, the grinding aid enterprises are generally small in scale, and there are often unfair "low-price competitions" in marketing, which leads to a difficult market for good products. What is the essential attribute of the quality of cement grinding aid products?

I personally believe that the improvement of the efficiency of the grinding system and the proper improvement of the performance of the cement product in the cement production process on the basis of ensuring the quality of the cement product are the essential attributes of the quality of the grinding aid product. ”

The cement grinding aid is defined in the “Cement Adhesives Standard” as “additives added during cement grinding to aid in grinding without compromising human health and cement concrete performance.”

Careful implementation of standards, ensuring product quality, locking grinding performance, and returning to the essential attributes of product quality are prerequisites for enhancing the value of abrasive products.

Help grinding effect. In the standard, the dispersion properties of cement grinding aids for particulate matter are the main indicators for evaluating the quality of grinding aid products. The dispersion here should refer to physical dispersion.

The mineral composition and mineral form of cement clinker mainly determine the strength of cement. The cement particle grading and admixture varieties have an important impact on the performance of cement products. The "Technical Requirements" of "Cement Grinding Agent Standard" does not require the grinding aid to increase the early strength index of cement, and the improvement of cement early strength index as the evaluation index of the grinding aid product procurement contract will be the grinding aid. Product quality control brings false induction. It is one thing to study the reinforcement mechanism of cement grinding aids, but the traditional thinking of enhancing functions as a product marketing focus seems to be changing. Although some organic alcohol amines have a certain promoting effect on cement hydration, the strengthening mechanism is more complicated, and there are individualized differences due to material changes and experimental errors. At least this kind of enhancement mechanism research is still not very good. Quantitative.

Grinding aid companies already have their own industry self-regulatory organizations, laying the foundation for coordinating markets and safeguarding equity. While strengthening market competition, we must promote the improvement of production concentration, optimize the allocation of resources, expand the scale of grinding aid companies, and create a brand of China cement grinding aids. Leaders of grinding aid enterprises must enhance product quality awareness, change traditional thinking methods, reposition the development model of grinding aid industry, improve research and development platform, improve research and development capabilities and level, and provide safe, reliable and efficient grinding for cement production enterprises. Agent products. In terms of product quality, integrity management, and quality service, we can achieve enterprise profit growth. Business leaders also need to have a sense of social responsibility and have a correct sense of value and mission to the development of the industry in order to achieve healthy, stable and sustainable development of the grinding aid industry.

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