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Triethanolamine is an important fine chemical product

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Triethanolamine is an important fine chemical product and a commonly used raw material for cement grinding aids and concrete admixture manufacturers.

Triethanolamine (TEA) can form a water-soluble chelate with cations in cement hydration system, and forms many melting points on the surface of cement particles, which increases the dissolution rate of C3A and C4AF, resulting in faster reaction with gypsum. The increased amount of calcium sulphoaluminate is beneficial for coagulation and compaction, thereby increasing early strength. At the same time, due to the formation of unstable complexes in the hydration process of cement, the degree of supersaturation of Ca(OH)2 is increased, which can effectively prevent the formation of loose crystalline products in the early stage of C3A hydration, thereby improving the compactness of cement stone and strength. Because of this, triethanolamine is widely used in concrete admixtures such as concrete early strength agents, early strength water reducers, and alkali-free liquid cement accelerators. Since the alcohol amines have a significant effect of promoting coagulation enhancement, they are generally not used as a quick-setting admixture, and are always combined with an inorganic quick-setting component to synthesize a quick-setting admixture. Studies have shown that when producing alkali-free liquid cement quick-setting admixture, the adaptability of diethanolamine is better than that of triethanolamine, which can greatly improve the early strength of the accelerator cement paste.

At the same time, triethanolamine is a kind of polar compound with good grinding aid. It is widely used as a cement grinding aid. It is the main grinding aid of liquid and powder grinding aids in domestic grinding and enhanced grinding. . In recent years, some universities and research institutes in China, and even some grinding aid companies, have begun to develop small and medium molecular synthetic grinding aids and polymer synthetic grinding aids. The initial starting point is not because of the technical problems of triethanolamine itself, but mainly The price of triethanolamine is high and the fluctuation is large, which seriously restricts the consideration of the product cost of the grinding aid. Of course, with the grinding aid grinding mechanism, technical performance, especially the impact of the cement using the grinding aid on the work performance of the concrete, comprehensively improve the quality level and multi-functionality of the cement grinding aid, so that the small and medium The development of molecular synthetic grinding aids and polymer synthetic grinding aids is prominent, but from the perspective of various aspects, even if there are many so-called "alternatives" in the new, at least the recent stage of triethanolamine is still a grinding aid. An important grinding aid component that cannot be completely replaced in the main raw materials.

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