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Water cleaning agent decontamination ability is strong, environmental protection and cost-effective

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Cleaning agent is a big category, the types are complex. The classification of cleaning agent is also many, 

countries are not the same, we usually dividend water system, semi-water system, non-water system cleaning 

agent three categories. Water-based cleaning agent in the more formal documentation we are generally referred 

to as water-based cleaning agent. Water - based cleaning agent and half - water - based cleaning agent is now a 

more common type. Water - based cleaning agent is mainly composed of surfactants and various additives. 

No harmful additives. With a strong cleaning permeability, low bubble function, to deal with the conventional

cleaning agent foam, not suitable for pressure spray cleaning, or oil removal, dirty effect is not good. Is to 

replace the traditional solvent and water-based cleaning agent selection. Its non-toxic, harmless, 

environmental protection, can be useful to protect the environment, reduce the cost of cleaning.

Water-based cleaning agent contains a unique PH stabilizer, long-term use of PH value to remain stable, 

not only due to the metal corrosion caused by the decline of PH value, together in the case of equal dilution, 

has a long service life of 30 ~ 60% beyond the traditional water-based metal cleaning agent, 

not only save the cost of liquid change, but also reduce the time waste of liquid change composition.

Low impact on the environment: no organic solvents, heavy metals and other controlled substances; 

No harmful classification, the components do not contain any prohibited substances, in line with EU 

RoHS environmental standards. Without the use of common water-soluble cleaning agents containing 

phosphorus additives, the water solution can be naturally decomposed after cleaning, reducing the impact on the environment.

Strong cleanliness: Containing interface active agent, can penetrate into any difficult to clean the fine gap, 

the oil quickly peel clean out, easy to remove dirt particles, carbon, dirt and grease, whether common mechanical 

lubricating oil, cutting oil or very difficult to clean rust prevention oil, tensile forming oil have a cleaning effect, 

in the natural dry workpiece appearance does not constitute residue, Especially suitable for fine cleaning.

Water-based cleaning agent can remove the polar substances in the lubricating oil, and these substances can 

not be removed with solvent based cleaning agent, there will be residues of white substances.

Water-based cleaning agent is widely used in machine parts, hardware materials, machine tools and equipment, 

vehicle engines, factories and other oil cleaning. It is suitable for fine cleaning of all kinds of metal materials in water-based cutting, 

stamping drawing, machining, grinding fluid processing and other workpiece appearance.

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