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What are the uses of nonionic surfactants?

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The solubility of non-ionic surfactants in water is because the molecule has a strong hydrophilic functional group, non-ionic surfactants in number is second only to anionic surfactants, is the first type of many applications, with the development of the petroleum industry, the cost of the used material ethylene oxide continues to decrease, its output value will continue to increase. Most of the non-ionic surfactants are in liquid and slurry state, and its solubility in water decreases with increasing temperature.

In addition to high surface activity, non-ionic surfactants also have some characteristics required in industrial production, such as wetting, emulsification, solubilization, foaming, defoaming and washing and other direct effects, and smoothing, antistatic, leveling and color fixing, lubrication, rust prevention, hydrophobic, sterilization and agglutination and other indirect effects.

Non-ionic surfactants are a class of substances that can significantly reduce the surface tension and change the interface state of the system when a small amount is added to the solvent, resulting in a series of effects such as wetting or anti-wetting, emulsification or deemulsion, dispersion or agglutination, foaming or defoaming, solubilization, etc., to meet the requirements of practical applications.

Nonionic surfactants have an impact on all processes occurring at the interface, so the use of nonionic surfactants in industrial and agricultural production can simplify processes, accelerate production, improve economy, and improve product quality and use value.

Non-ionic surfactants are mainly used in the production of daily industrial products such as detergent, cosmetics and medicine. The main ingredients in soap and detergent are non-ionic surfactants, which remove dirt from solid surfaces through their good wetting, solubilizing and emulsifying effects during the washing process. In the production of cosmetics, non-ionic surfactants are mainly used as emulsifiers, solubilizers, wetting agents, softeners, cleaning agents, foaming agents, dispersants, lubricants, etc., so that products can fully play the role of protection, beautification and clearing. In pharmaceutical production, non-ionic surfactants are used as drug carriers, emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents, solvants, and directly used as therapeutic agents and germicidal disinfectants, etc., which can make drugs play a full role, or make easy-to-use drugs.

Non-ionic surfactants have excellent emulsification, wetting, dispersion, solubilization, washing, foaming and defoaming properties, so they have important applications in many fields. It can also be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, dyes, medicine, pesticides, fertilizers, rubber, plastics, food, paper, leather, daily chemical, coatings, metal processing, environmental protection, concrete and other fields

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