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What benefits does the use of grinding aids bring to enterprises?

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Improving the efficiency of cement production can be achieved by improving the technological process and adding grinding aids. Compared to improving the process, the use of grinding aids is more economical and is favored by many customers. Any one of the technical benefits of using grinding aids includes certain economic benefits, and the two are mutually reinforcing.

(1) Market benefits. At present, the seasonal differences in China's cement prices have been very obvious. The difference is small tens of yuan per ton, and the difference is hundreds of yuan per ton. In the peak season of cement sales, the price of cement is high and the repayment is fast. Increasing the output of cement by using grinding aids is an increase in profit. For some requirements, some projects require 62.5 grade cement, and some require cement with long setting time. As long as the cement companies have the technology and information on grinding aids, it is easy to meet customer requirements by using cement grinding aids. In this way, enterprises can increase their market position and share while gaining profits.

(2) Process benefits. In most cases, the use of cement grinding aids can improve the dispersibility and fluidity of the cement powder, and can improve the pipeline transportation capacity and the loading and unloading speed of bulk cement. This change is particularly important in water transportation, as it will shorten the docking time of ships and reduce terminal costs. When the power is tight every year, it is mostly the peak season for cement sales. At this time, the cement output can affect the annual profit of the enterprise. In the case of limited power, the use of grinding aids can improve the grinding efficiency of the mill and produce more cement with the same power. Or the same cement output requires a shorter grinding time, which effectively saves power consumption.

There are many factors that affect the use of cement grinding aids. The premise of achieving these benefits is to use good grinding aids, so that the grinding aids can give full play to their effects, thereby driving more benefits.

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