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What details can help us identify the quality of the cutting fluid?

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-27      Origin: Site Inquire

The best way to judge the quality of cutting fluid is through oil analysis (oil detection), 

but in the absence of instrument detection, 

what details can help us to understand the quality of cutting fluid?

1, pay attention to the production date: the factory date of the cutting fluid should not be too long, 

generally should choose the storage period is not more than one year, 

storage period in more than one year of the cutting fluid should be inspected and qualified before use.

2, look at the appearance: different types of cutting fluid have different colors, 

but no matter what color should be thick and uniform. If the color is different or skin hardening, 

the surface appears more oil slick or consistency is significantly smaller, or due to mixed with water so that the surface emulsification white, 

these phenomena show that the cutting fluid has deteriorated, can not be used.

3. Smell: If you smell obvious sour and bad smell when you open the package,

 it indicates that the cutting fluid has deteriorated and cannot be used.

4, hand twist: hand twist without filler cutting fluid, feel smooth, no chrome feel; Otherwise,

 it may be uneven dispersion of thickener or mixed with impurities, which can not be used, 

but the cutting fluid containing filler powder is slightly awkward.

5, with fire: use wire to pick up a piece of cutting fluid, and then burn with a lighter, if the cutting fluid softening drop, 

indicating that the drop point is too low quality cutting fluid, can not be used.

 It needs to be explained that this method can only identify the low drop point of inferior cutting fluid, 

because the temperature of the lighter flame does not exceed 120 ~ 130℃, 

and most of the cutting fluid drop point exceeds this temperature, burning with a lighter will not drop.

6, in the sun: take a piece of cutting liquid in the cup in the sun for a day or two, if the fat body changes, 

the appearance of oil or discoloration, indicates that the performance of the fat is unstable.

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