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Polyethylene Glycol

Knowing that you are interested in Polyethylene Glycol, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • PEG4000/6000/8000
    Polyethylene glycol is a kind of high polymer, the chemical formula is HO(CH2CH2O) NH, non-irritating, slightly bitter taste, with good water solubility, and many organic components have good compatibility. With excellent lubricity, moisture, dispersion, adhesive, can be used as antistatic agent an
  • About what is Polyethylene glycol PEG 400 and using
    Polyethylene glycol is also called PEG, PEG "400" mean that the average molecular weight of the specific PEG is 400.Is used as an inactive ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent, plasticizer, surfactant, ointment and suppository base, and tablet and capsule lubricant.
  • Absorption treatment of trichloroethylene waste gas
    Absorption treatment of trichloroethylene waste gas Polyethylene glycol has different surface activities depending on its degree of polymerization, and can change the surface properties of aqueous solutions to varying degrees. It has been extensively studied in the treatment of exhaust gas absorption, especially in the treatment of toluene waste gas, which is remarkable. effect. Pingping Plus O-25 is a fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether with good hydrophilic properties.
  • Green chemistry concept in polyethylene glycol applications
    Green chemistry concept in polyethylene glycol applications The response of PEG will continue to attract further exploration of PEG as a solvent.And the support of the catalyst, and the grafting functionalization with the ionic liquid with the advantages of stable and almost no volatility; and the application in combination with microwave technology and biochemistry, which helps to improve the yield of the organic reaction and optimize Reaction time; while PEG as the medium of reaction, it will be more inclined to recycle some expensive metal catalysts。
  • The synthesis of modified Triethanolamine and its effect on cement grinding performance.
    In the cement industry, a large amount of energy is consumed in the grinding of raw materials and their clinker. Grinding process, cement particle surface free charge density increases, the solid surface free energy increase, coupled with the collision between particles
  • Chinese Youth Day
    Chinese Youth’s Day is on May 4th, it is to in honor of the students’movement in the year of 1919, at that time, the government made a failing diplomacy in Paris, which resulted in signing the treaty of losing the land.
  • Ethylene oxide: the market atmosphere is boosted.
    Today, northeast Asia ethylene closing price weak finishing, the previous trading day down $25 per ton to 1310 dollars/tons, ethylene glycol standoff east China market high rise 30RMB/ton to 8380-8400 RMB/ton, the current domestic ethylene oxide stability operation, the fundamentals of good release,
  • Composite Portland cement additive formula with TIPA
    Composite Portland cement additive formula: sodium acetate, purified water, triisopropanolamine, triethanolamine, ethylene glycol and polyethylene glycol; mixing and mixing of the components to obtain the cement additive; the cement additive obtained in the cement grinding When the process is added
  • World Consumer Rights Day
    World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated annually by consumer organizations worldwide. It commemorates the historic declaration on March 15, 1962 by John F.Kennedy, the former US President, of the basic Rights of consumers, which include: "the right to safety", "the right to be informed"
  • Happy Women’s Day
    Haisen Chemical celebrated the Women’s day in March 8, 2018. All the staff including our CEO Mr. Ma and general manager Mrs. Fan took part in all the games. The games are tug-of-war, leggings run, stool robbing and a handkerchief. The winners got prizes. The activity was satisfactorily concluded.
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