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Admixture for concrete performance improvement

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Admixture for concrete performance improvement

The water reducing agent is used for concrete mixing, which can change the gas content of the concrete, so that the gap ratio inside the concrete is greatly reduced. The effect of water reducer on the fluidity of concrete is usually reflected by the magnitude of the slump. When the proportion of water and cement used in concrete is constant, the degree of collapse of concrete can be greatly improved by adding a precipitant. And through the use of water reducing agents. The concrete setting time can be extended appropriately. However, it is necessary to properly control the amount of water reducing agent. Maintain reasonableness to avoid excessive increase in concrete that will not condense for a long time. By adding the scientific proportion of the water reducing agent, the performance and strength of the overall concrete structure can be improved, and the proportion of water cement in the concrete is reduced. For the hardness increase requirements of concrete, it is possible to appropriately increase the water reducing agent while keeping the amount of cement and the degree of collapse constant. At the same time, the water reducing agent can effectively prevent the occurrence of rust in the concrete. Because it can reduce the carbonization in concrete. Therefore, through the addition of water reducing agent in concrete, it is possible to change many properties of concrete.

good. Adding a certain proportion of bleed air admixture to the concrete can create many independent bubbles inside the concrete. These bubbles can improve the solubility of concrete, increase the slump of concrete, and reduce its bleeding. For the addition of the air entraining agent, the control of the concrete setting time can be controlled by the scientific proportional addition control. Under certain conditions, the air entraining agent will also reduce the strength of the concrete, causing precipitation and improving the strength of the concrete. This is mainly an air entraining agent, which can cause many bubbles to form inside the concrete. This requires that the use of bleed admixtures should be clearly selected based on different concrete performance requirements.

The traditional way of using concrete can not save the amount of use, which is not conducive to the control of construction cost. Through the use of concrete admixtures, the improvement of various aspects of concrete performance can be achieved, and the amount of concrete used can be reduced to some extent. This has contributed to the development of energy-saving performance of concrete. For example, in the construction of a certain project, if the concrete performance is improved by some specific energy c3s, c3a, etc., the mineral slag is used as a part of the raw material, and the concrete dosage can be reduced while ensuring the stability of the concrete. At the same time, the weight of the concrete itself is reduced.

Concrete admixtures also have certain adverse effects while improving the performance of concrete. For example, when the amount of admixture added is not scientific, the performance of concrete is greatly reduced. When the amount of the common retarder is too much, the concrete will not be agglomerated for a long time, and on the other hand, the molding effect of the concrete is affected. On the other hand, it is not conducive to the improvement of concrete strength This will bring some engineering quality hazards. In addition, when used in various types of admixtures, due to the amount of control used

Improper, or without considering the mutual reflection between the admixtures, may result in a chemical reaction between the additives. This is not conducive to the improvement of concrete performance. Concrete is the main material in construction. To ensure that its performance meets the building requirements. It is necessary to strictly control the use of external additives. Improve the structural stability of the building by optimizing the performance of the concrete. This makes concrete additives play an important role in the construction industry. China should strengthen the performance development of external additives, learn from each other's strengths, and use additives as an important building supporting technology to play its due value in engineering implementation.

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