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Cement and Concrete Additive Chemical TIPA97%

These articles are all highly relevant Cement and Concrete Additive Chemical TIPA97%. I believe this information can help you understand Cement and Concrete Additive Chemical TIPA97%'s professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Safety issues that the chemical industry should be aware of
    The substances produced by chemical production are often characterized by flammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic substances, and the production equipment tends to be large. Once an accident occurs, the impact is large, and it is safe for the national economy and the people in the area. Bringing unpredictable losses and disasters. Therefore, the significance of chemical safety is very important, and it is an important part of chemical production management.
  • Admixture for concrete performance improvement
    The water reducing agent is used for concrete mixing, which can change the gas content of the concrete, so that the gap ratio inside the concrete is greatly reduced. The effect of water reducer on the fluidity of concrete is usually reflected by the magnitude of the slump. When the proportion of water and cement used in concrete is constant, the degree of collapse of concrete can be greatly improved by adding a precipitant. And through the use of water reducing agents. The concrete setting time can be extended appropriately. However, it is necessary to properly control the amount of water reducing agent. Maintain reasonableness to avoid excessive increase in concrete that will not condense for a long time. By adding the scientific proportion of the water reducing agent, the performance and strength of the overall concrete structure can be improved, and the proportion of water cement in the concrete is reduced.
  • Development prospects of cement grinding aids
    In the cement industry production, in order to improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the power consumption of the mill, reduce the fineness of the cement, and improve the quality of the cement, a small amount of material-grinding aid must be added during the grinding process. The grinding aid is composed of one or more surface active substances and other chemical additives. It can reduce the surface energy of the grinding powder during the grinding process, overcome the attraction between the grinding powder, reduce the crushing resistance and prevent Paste the ball. Improve the fluidity of the mill, thereby reducing the power consumption of the mill and improving the grinding efficiency.
  • Description and use of triisopropanolamine products
    Description and use of triisopropanolamine products Triisopropanolamine is a chemical used as a pharmaceutical raw material, a photographic developer solvent. A solvent for paraffin oil in the man-made fiber industry. Since triisopropanolamine and a salt formed by a long-chain fatty acid have good coloring stability, they are particularly suitable as an emulsifier for cosmetics. Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) is a polyhydric alcohol amine organic compound. It is an alcohol amine compound having an amino group and an alcoholic carboxyl group.


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