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Cement grinding aid industry is not easy

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Cement grinding aid industry is not easy

From the grinding aid industry itself, there are more and more cement companies that recognize the energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects of grinding aids and the quality of grinding aid products. However, curbing the environment of overcapacity has led cement companies to be more careful in the procurement of raw materials. When choosing grinding aids, major groups have adopted the method of “collective procurement, bidding and bidding”, which not only requires quality, but also lowers the price, thus transferring the burden of reducing production costs to their own little brothers. Grinding industry. Due to the “small and porridge” of the grinding aid industry, the competition for vicious low prices has intensified. The consequence of “killing each other” is that it is more difficult to promote the promotion of high-quality grinding aids.

   From the outside of the grinding aid industry, the main problem is that the arrears are serious and the contract is unfair. Since the cement enterprise is a strong unit relative to the grinding aid enterprise, the grinding aid enterprise will basically agree on the time and method of payment after signing the contract with the purchase and sale. The general situation is to make a payment or to make monthly or quarterly payments. However, how many companies can keep their promises and implement them according to the contractual contents? In fact, many cement companies do not fulfill the contractual agreement to settle payments on time. It can be said that the slightly larger grinding aid companies have accounts receivable of more than 10 million yuan. Moreover, the normal requirement for payment in the contract is that the first payment after the payment, the delivery of the goods to the car, or the payment of the monthly payment before the date of the month.

In addition, cement companies have deviations in the knowledge of grinding aids, which is also a problem in the current industry. The production and processing of grinding aids seems to be simple compared to cement production. However, considering the formulation and effect of grinding aids, it is a product that is complicated in technology and application. In order to produce high quality grinding aids, producers must have knowledge of chemical, cement chemistry, cement processes and concrete properties. The lack of any kind of knowledge may lead to problems in product quality, and some may even cause great damage to the quality of cement products. However, some cement companies still do not recognize the complexity of grinding aids. They always feel that the grinding aid process is very simple, and anyone can do it with the same quality.

 For the current cement grinding aid industry, increasing industrial concentration is the most pressing issue. Due to the low capital and technical thresholds for grinding aid production, many small businesses have ventured into the industry. When the cement market is good, everyone has developed well, but now the market has changed. Some products and technology innovations are not completed by a small business. We must abandon the idea of the small boss. Faced with the reality that there is a surplus of grinding aid production capacity, it is necessary to enhance market concentration through mergers and acquisitions, and to leverage the capital, scale and talent advantages of large enterprises to jointly create a new market structure for the grinding industry.

First of all, cement grinding aid companies have to hold a group to warm, which is undoubtedly beneficial for a group of sand grinding aid industry. The problems of the industry can only be met by the industry colleagues. Since the killing, only two loses. In the face of a strong cement enterprise, grinding aid companies can strengthen their technological innovation and build core competitiveness through mergers and acquisitions, strong alliances, and work together to form a rope. When signing a marketing contract for cement grinding aids, it is necessary to have the courage to say “no” to certain unreasonable overlord clauses in order to jointly create a fair and just market environment. The key to this is whether the various grinding aid companies can truly coordinate and cooperate with each other.

  Second, cement grinding aid companies can consider transformation. On the one hand, it is possible to broaden the field and consider the shift from the current production type to the technical service type, from a single variety to a multi-variety, extending from one end of the industrial chain to both ends. On the other hand, you can also transfer out of the industry, use the accumulated experience, technology, and experience to expand into new industries to serve, develop markets, and develop more promising industries. Once again, cement grinding aid companies can try to “go out”.

Currently, cement emerging markets are mainly concentrated in the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, including parts of Africa. Among these emerging markets, cement demand in countries such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh is more prominent. In the Gulf countries in the Middle East, cement consumption has increased at an average annual rate of 13% in recent years, and the international grinding aid market has also increased year by year. At present, the domestic cement grinding aid market competition has become fierce, and the industry's profits are very thin. With the gradual increase of national industry management and the constant standardization of production technology, the product quality and application effect of cement grinding aids in China have been in line with international standards and fully equipped to the advanced level of the international market. From Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam to Indonesia, from product sales to seeking agents, it has gradually entered the stage of “overseas cooperation and construction”.

In addition, as a cement grinding aid enterprise, especially the vice president unit, it should take the lead in the role of large enterprises, strengthen industry self-discipline, and be brave in taking social responsibility to continuously improve the industry image of cement grinding aids. In view of the problems of cement companies' perceptions of grinding aids, industry associations should play a leading role and use various media propaganda tools to promote the energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects of grinding aids. At the same time, it is also possible to establish a high-quality advocacy team to enter the client, carefully understand the customer needs, strengthen communication and cooperation with each other, continuously improve the industry status of the grinding aid products, and improve the right to speak of the grinding aid enterprises.

In addition, as cement production capacity continues to be compressed and concentration is increasing, the cement industry is constantly exploring supply-side reforms to increase the added value of cement. In this regard, the cement grinding aid industry also has a certain room for development. For example, it is possible to produce a suitable cement grinding aid according to the characteristics of the special cement formula and the characteristics of the water reducing agent in the subsequent concrete preparation, thereby reducing the production difficulty of the cement enterprise and increasing the added value of the cement. Cement grinding aids are a small industry that has long been a major contributor to market economy conditions. It has gradually developed along with the low-carbon, environmentally-friendly green process of the cement industry. It has participated in and witnessed the whole process of China's cement industry getting rid of the "two high and one capital" hats (ie high energy consumption, high pollution, resource industries), in the cement industry. In the work of energy saving and emission reduction, it has created brilliant achievements. In the future, achieving green and low-carbon development is an inevitable direction, and it is also the sacred mission of the transformation and development of China's cement grinding aid industry. Focusing on the development of circular economy and realizing the theme of high-level circular development, green development and low-carbon development of the entire economy, the joint research and discussion of the government, industry and enterprises will certainly contribute to the realization of this goal and will also promote cement assistance. The health of the abrasive industry continues to grow.

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