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organic polymer cement grinding Aid

These are related to the organic polymer cement grinding Aid news, in which you can learn about the updated information in organic polymer cement grinding Aid, to help you better understand and expand organic polymer cement grinding Aid market. Because the market for organic polymer cement grinding Aid is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Cement grinding aid characteristics
    A grinding aid is a surfactant that can improve the grinding environment. The common grinding aid is to improve the grinding effect by improving the viscosity of the material in the mill, the dispersion of the particles and the flow state of the slurry. To a large extent, it solves the problems of powder consumption and energy consumption. The main purpose of the grinding aid is to reduce or terminate the aggregation of the particles, to improve the fineness of the cement and the specific surface area, or to grind to the same fineness, and to increase the productivity when adding the grinding aid. At the same time, the addition of the grinding aid adsorbs the surface of the cement particles, reduces the friction between the particles and the adhesion, so that the cement particles slide, and the fluidity thereof also becomes better, thereby improving the grinding efficiency and the cement performance.
  • Cement grinding aid industry is not easy
    From the grinding aid industry itself, there are more and more cement companies that recognize the energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects of grinding aids and the quality of grinding aid products. However, curbing the environment of overcapacity has led cement companies to be more careful in the procurement of raw materials. When choosing grinding aids, major groups have adopted the method of “collective procurement, bidding and bidding”, which not only requires quality, but also lowers the price, thus transferring the burden of reducing production costs to their own little brothers. Grinding industry. Due to the “small and porridge” of the grinding aid industry, the competition for vicious low prices has intensified. The consequence of “killing each other” is that it is more difficult to promote the promotion of high-quality grinding aids.
  • Development and application prospects of cement grinding aid products
    Development and application prospects of cement grinding aid products The main market for the application of cement grinding aids, the development and application of new cement grinding aid products need to be strengthened, and its research focus has shifted to polymer synthesis technology. The synthetic polymer grinding aid combines various functional groups into the main chain structure of the polymer, and the smaller grinding aid effect and the compound grinding aid have a leaping improvement. Because the synthetic polymer grinding aid generally has a low effective amount, the grinding aid has obvious effect, and a suitable dosage range, the fluctuation of the dosage has little effect on the performance of the cement, and the production safety can be better ensured. Polymer grinding aids have low cost, good performance and high comprehensive benefits, and have broad application prospects.
  • Introduction to cement grinding aids and two principles
    Introduction to cement grinding aids and two principles Cement grinding aid is a kind of chemical additive to improve the grinding effect and performance of cement grinding. It can significantly increase the output of cement platform, the strength of cement at different ages, and improve its fluidity. The cement grinding aid can greatly reduce the phenomenon of electrostatic adsorption ball formation formed during the grinding process, and can reduce the re-agglomeration tendency of the ultrafine particles formed during the grinding process.
  • Cement grinding aid industry will usher in a more standardized development period
    Cement grinding aid industry will usher in a more standardized development period The main function of cement grinding aid is to help the grinding in the grinding process. As a grinding aid manufacturer, we must first strengthen production management and determine appropriate internal control indicators


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