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Cement grinding aid industry will usher in a more standardized development period

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Cement grinding aid industry will usher in a more standardized development period

The main function of cement grinding aid is to help the grinding in the grinding process. As a grinding aid manufacturer, we must first strengthen production management and determine appropriate internal control indicators. Next, we must improve the equipment level of the enterprise and increase Technical transformation, realize the computerized automatic production mode as soon as possible, eliminate the human influence factors, ensure the quality and uniformity of the grinding aid products, and mix the cement and the corresponding blank cement mixed with the grinding aid on different dates. Two batches of concrete, but the same batch of concrete mixed with abrasive cement and corresponding blank cement should be completed on the same day.

The use of liquid grinding aids in China has increased year by year, and currently accounts for more than 80% of the grinding aid market. Due to the northern land

The temperature difference in the area varies - and many cement companies have requirements for the stability of liquid grinding aids: no crystallization and delamination. The national standard adds this part of the industry standard, and also stipulates: “The solid content of the upper liquid is not more than 3% when the temperature is maintained at 20°C after 28 days at 10°C”, which ensures that the user is at a lower ambient temperature. It can also be used normally. Therefore, the grinding aid manufacturer should first do a product freezing test in the refrigerator or freezer before leaving the factory. If stability problems are found, they should be adjusted and solved in time. Grinding aid companies must study and publicize carefully, and re-inspect and self-examine the grinding aid products of the company in accordance with the requirements of national standards. Identify problems and deficiencies, and make necessary adjustments and improvements to raw materials, formulations, processes and equipment in a timely manner. The promulgation and implementation of the national standard "Cement Grinding Aid" will certainly promote the technological progress of the cement grinding aid industry, and create a brand-new chapter for standardizing the cement grinding aid market and perfecting the competition system for the grinding aid industry.


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