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Development and application prospects of cement grinding aid products

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Development and application prospects of cement grinding aid products

The main market for the application of cement grinding aids, the development and application of new cement grinding aid products need to be strengthened, and its research focus has shifted to polymer synthesis technology. The synthetic polymer grinding aid combines various functional groups into the main chain structure of the polymer, and the smaller grinding aid effect and the compound grinding aid have a leaping improvement. Because the synthetic polymer grinding aid generally has a low effective amount, the grinding aid has obvious effect, and a suitable dosage range, the fluctuation of the dosage has little effect on the performance of the cement, and the production safety can be better ensured. Polymer grinding aids have low cost, good performance and high comprehensive benefits, and have broad application prospects. The polycarboxylate cement admixture is a high molecular polymer and is widely used in cement compositions such as cement paste, mortar and concrete. In recent years, it has been found that polycarboxylates also have a grinding-enhancing effect. Compared with traditional cement-based grinding agents which are simply compounded with inorganic and organic substances, high molecular weight polycarboxylate cement grinding aids have significant advantages. The polycarboxylate cement grinding aid made by molecular synthesis technology grafts the alcohol amine group with grinding aid to the polymer main chain, which can effectively realize the synergistic effect of various organic functional groups in cement grinding. The polymer group adheres to the interface of the material particles to change the physical and chemical properties of the interface. The charged groups can neutralize the interface charge and prevent the crack interface from healing. The introduced functional groups are beneficial to the mutual exclusion of the cement powder. It is coordinated with the anionic functional groups in the polymer structure to eliminate the electrostatic repulsion between the powder and the steel ball, reduce agglomeration, make the particles finer and improve the grinding ability. In addition, the TEA is directly neutralized after polymerization, which can minimize the production cost, improve the stability of the product, and enhance the grinding effect.

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