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Cement grinding aids

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Brief introduction

Cement grinding aid is a kind of chemical additive which can improve the grinding effect and performance of cement. It can significantly increase the per hour output of cement, the strength of cement at various ages, and improve its fluidity. Cement grinding aids can greatly reduce the phenomenon of electrostatic adsorption and agglomeration of ultrafine particles formed in the grinding process. Cement grinding aids can also significantly improve the fluidity of cement, improve the grinding effect of the mill and the separation efficiency of the separator, so as to reduce the grinding energy consumption. The cement produced with grinding aids has a low tendency of compaction and agglomeration, which is conducive to the loading and unloading of cement and can reduce the wall hanging phenomenon of cement silo. As a kind of chemical additive, grinding aids can improve the distribution of cement particles and stimulate hydration power, so as to improve the early strength and late strength of cement.


The first is that the adsorption of grinding aid molecules on particles reduces the surface energy of particles or causes dislocation migration of crystals near the surface layer, resulting in point or line defects, thus reducing the strength and hardness of particles and promoting the generation and propagation of cracks.

The second one is that grinding aids can reduce the viscosity of mineral materials and promote the dispersion of particles by adjusting the fluidity properties and surface electrical properties of particles, so as to improve the fluidity of mineral materials and prevent the adhesion of particles on the grinding medium and mill liner as well as the agglomeration between particles.

Composition structure

There are two kinds of common cement grinding aids, liquid and powder (solid), which can significantly increase the mill output, improve product quality, or reduce grinding power consumption. In the wet grinding process of cement grinding aid is also known as: dispersant.

Composition of cement grinding aids

According to the classification of chemical structure, cement grinding aids can be divided into three types: polymerized organic salt grinding aids, polymerized inorganic salt grinding aids and composite compound grinding aids. Most of the cement grinding aids used are organic surfactant. Due to the high price of single component grinding aids and unsatisfactory application effect, compound grinding aids are widely used.

Components of powder (solid) cement grinding aids

Answer: the components of powder (solid) cement grinding aids are: sodium sulfate, industrial salt, fly ash, triethanolamine, mother liquor of powder grinding aid, etc.

Components of grinding aids for liquid cement

The components of liquid cement grinding aids are: mother liquor of liquid grinding aids, triethanolamine, polymerized polyol, polyalcohol amine, triesopropanolamine, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerol, sodium fatty acid sodium, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium acetate, aluminum sulfate, calcium formate, calcium lignite, sodium lignite, etc.


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