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Effect of acrylic acid dosage on polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent

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Water reducing agent to maintain the concrete slump constant conditions, improve the liquidity of concrete mixture, reduce the mixing water or reduce unit dosage of cement, saving the cement According to the water reducing agent water reducing capability is divided into ordinary water reducing agent (also known as plasticizing agent, water reducing rate of not less than 8%) high efficiency water reducing agent (also called super plasticizer, water reducing rate of not less than 14% ) and high-performance water reducing agent (water reduction rate not less than 25%).

Silica Fume used in concrete construction

The effect of water reducing agent is to reduce the amount of water needed to achieve a certain degree of collapse of concrete, with less water to achieve the required degree of collapse Means effectively with low water cement ratio, and thus flow can improve the strength of concrete, water density (impervious), and durability, but mainly to effectively improve the fluidity of concrete to improve the pumping performance, he is to improve the basic principle of the condensed structure of cement, concrete pumping performance, in the not so long time as a decentralized structure, improve the liquidity, already Achieve the purpose of reducing water.

Any products in the market competition tend to homogeneity, the buyer happy seller's fierce Tend to homogeneity is the need of the market, this means that by trial and error over a long period of time after the product has gradually grope after the template is most suitable for the general audience customers purchase a certain ability to distinguish the merits of the product The seller can't through the so-called differentiation Profit from buyer's trial and error.

There are many directions to change the mother liquor process, such as temperature, oxidation, reducing agent, chain transfer agent, stirring and dripping time, acid-ether ratio, acid feeding method, and acid feeding method. Among them, the concentration of the material at the bottom of the reactor has the greatest influence, or I personally experience the biggest difference is the acid-ether ratio and acid feeding method

Increasing the amount of acrylic acid can improve the water reduction rate of mother liquid, but too high amount of acrylic acid will lead to the decline of slump retention performance of mother liquid.

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