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Water Reducing Agent

These are related to the Water Reducing Agent news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Water Reducing Agent and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Water Reducing Agent market.
  • Effect of acrylic acid dosage on polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent
    Increasing the amount of acrylic acid can improve the water reduction rate of mother liquid, but too high amount of acrylic acid will lead to the decline of slump retention performance of mother liquid.
  • Allyl polyoxyethylene ether 2400(APEG)
    This product is non-toxic, non-irritating, has good water solubility, will not hydrolyze metamorphism. And with a variety of components have good compatibility. As the main raw material used in polycarboxylic acid cement water-reducing agent, the synthetic polycarboxylic acid high-efficiency water-r
  • Seven Misunderstandings of Polycarboxylic Acid Superplasticizer
    Polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent is a commonly used cement and concrete water reducing agent, which has the effect of reducing water and slumping. The rational use of polycarboxylic acid water reducer is more effective.1. The water reduction rate fluctuates, which is not easy to control in t
  • Technical points for application of highway bridge cement concrete admixture
    It can better guide the construction of the project. The construction period of highway bridges is generally high, the quality control requirements are relatively high, and the total investment of the project is very large. In order to avoid quality problems and ensure that the project meets the requirements for use, the construction unit needs to strictly control the quality of the raw materials during the construction phase, so it is necessary to use the admixture reasonably.
  • Concrete admixture and cement adaptability
    The adaptation and incompatibility between the so-called concrete admixture and cement can be considered as follows: When formulating concrete (or mortar), according to the technical specifications of concrete admixture application, a certain admixture that has been tested to meet the relevant standards can be added to the regulations. If the cement using the admixture of the variety can produce the desired effect, the cement is compatible with the admixture. On the contrary, if the effect is not produced, the cement and the admixture are not Compatible.
  • Why use a water reducing agent?
    Concrete admixtures (additives) enhance the performance of concrete and are suitable for architectural applications with special requirements. Concrete additives are used to achieve the desired processability at low water to cement ratios and to increase the set time of long distance transport of concrete. The properties of hardened concrete, mortar and grout should be changed to: delay or reduce heat assessment during early hardening. Speed up the development of early power. Increase the strength (compression, stretching or bending). Increase durability or resist severe exposure conditions. Reduce the permeability of concrete. Controls the swelling caused by the reaction of the base with certain aggregate components. Increase the bond between concrete and steel. Increase the bond between existing and new concrete. Improve impact resistance and wear resistance. Suppresses corrosion of embedded metals. Production of colored concrete or mortar.
  • Reconstruction of old cement concrete pavement.
    Domestic most of the original road pavement structure of cement concrete panel, this kind of structure joints and cracks easily, eventually lead to diseases such as fault sets, escapes, pavement damage, and influence the comfort of driving.


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